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Mapped Standards

The faculty within the College of Education have collectively mapped the following national and state standards: Alabama Core Teaching Standards (ACTS), Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation Standards (CAEP), Interstate New Teaching Assessment and Support Consortium Standards (InTASC), National Board Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), and the International Standards for Technology in Education (ISTE). These standards apply to the College of Education certification programs.

Courses that have been mapped to these standards may be found on the College of Education website under the Students link. The linked page is titled Mapped Standards. If your course is mapped to a national standard(s) you will find the standards listed.

Throughout the course, you should expect the standards to be addressed. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the standards because they will provide clear and measurable goals that will help inform instruction and measure achievement for the course and program completion. These standards may be addressed in various experiences during the course, and you may use them in assessments that indicate your mastery of the standards.

CAEP Standards

ISTE Standards and Components for Educational Leaders

ISTE Standards and Components for Educators

InTASC Standards and Components

NBPTS Standards

AEL (Educational Leadership) Courses

AEL 520AEL 632
AEL 521AEL 633
AEL 523AEL 635
AEL 524AEL 636
AEL 525AEL 637
AEL 527AEL 638
AEL 631AEL 667

BCE (Counselor Education) Courses

BCE 511BCE 525
BCE 516BCE 615
BCE 517BCE 698
BCE 523

BEF (Educational Foundations) Courses

BEF 362BEF 607
BEF 503BEF 639
BEF 504BEF 640
BEF 507BEF 642
BEF 534BEF 667
BEF 575BEF 681

BEP (Educational Psychology) Courses

BEP 305
BEP 360
BEP 541
BEP 550
BEP 565

BER (Educational Research) Courses

BER 450BER 631 (EdS)
BER 500BER 640
BER 540BER 657
BER 550 (MA)BER 660
BER 558 (MA)

BSP (School Psychology) Courses

BSP 500BSP 625
BSP 501BSP 632
BSP 515BSP 635
BSP 516BSP 638
BSP 521BSP 683
BSP 522BSP 686
BSP 580BSP 687
BSP 586BSP 688

CAT (Computers & Applied Technology) Courses

CAT 250CAT 531 (MA and EdS)
CAT 531 (ALT MA)

CEE (Elementary Education) Courses

CEE 304CEE 492
CEE 320CEE 495
CEE 365CEE 496
CEE 366CEE 497
CEE 370CEE 532
CEE 380CEE 574
CEE 401CEE 687
CEE 478CEE 697
CEE 491

CIE (Curriculum & Instruction) Courses

CIE 480CIE 627
CIE 562CIE 638
CIE 567CIE 656
CIE 625CIE 667
CIE 626CIE 680

CRD (Reading) Courses

CRD 369CRD 512
CRD 412CRD 690

CSE (Secondary Education) Courses

CSE 390. CSE 401CSE 575
CSE 406CSE 576 (MA)
CSE 455CSE 576 (Alt MA)
CSE 470CSE 578
CSE 476CSE 579
CSE 479CSE 583
CSE 480CSE 585
CSE 483CSE 586
CSE 485CSE 587
CSE 486CSE 592
CSE 487CSE 597
CSE 489CSE 663
CSE 497CSE 664
CSE 530CSE 665
CSE 555CSE 666
CSE 563CSE 670
CSE 564CSE 674
CSE 565CSE 675
CSE 566CSE 676
CSE 567CSE 680
CSE 570

EDU Courses

EDU 200

KIN (Kinesiology) Courses

KIN 305KIN 497
KIN 306KIN 506
KIN 307KIN 551
KIN 310KIN 552
KIN 350KIN 555
KIN 360KIN 585 (BS and ALT MA)
KIN 366KIN 585 (MA and EdS)
KIN 468KIN 595
KIN 487

MAP (Multiple Abilities Program) Courses

MAP 301MAP 405
MAP 302MAP 413
MAP 311MAP 414
MAP 312MAP 415
MAP 321MAP 423
MAP 322MAP 433
MAP 331MAP 434
MAP 332MAP 435
MAP 341MAP 443
MAP 342MAP 444
MAP 403MAP 445
MAP 404

MUE (Music Education) Courses

MUE 385

SPE (Special Education) Courses

SPE 300SPE 503
SPE 302SPE 506
SPE 304SPE 514
SPE 305SPE 520
SPE 374SPE 531
SPE 382SPE 532
SPE 414SPE 533
SPE 416
SPE 420SPE 571 (BS and ALT MA). SPE 571 (MA and EdS)
SPE 435SPE 575
SPE 471SPE 578 (BS and ALT MA). SPE 578 (MA and EdS)
SPE 476SPE 578 (BS and ALT MA). SPE 578 (MA and EdS)
SPE 477SPE 579
SPE 478SPE 588
SPE 479SPE 591
SPE 491SPE 592
SPE 492SPE 596
SPE 493SPE 613
SPE 499SPE 616
SPE 500SPE 617
SPE 501SPE 621
SPE 502SPE 623