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Julie Laible Memorial Lecture Series

The Julie Laible Memorial Lecture Series on Anti-Racist Scholarship, Education and Social Activism honors the memory of Julie C. Laible, who was an assistant professor in the College  when she was killed unexpectedly in 1999.  Laible was known for her community involvement through such programs as the Community Anti-Racial Group, which she helped found, as well as Aid to Inmate Mothers. Her research concentrated on methods to better education for young minorities.

Laible’s 2002 paper, “A Loving Epistemology: What I Hold Critical in My Life, Faith, and Profession,” was republished in Reconsidering Feminist Research in Educational Leadership, by Michelle D. Young and Linda Skrla, (State University of New York Press (2003), along with three chapters responding to Laible’s ideas, “Life Lessons and a Loving Epistemology: A Response to Julie Laible’s Loving Epistemology,” “Research on Women and Administration: A Response to Julie Laible’s Loving Epistemology ,” and “The Emperor and Research on Women in School Leadership: A Response to Julie Laible’s Loving Epistemology.”

  • 2022 Jarvis Givens, Fugitive Pedagogy: Black Teachers and the Longer roots of Anti-racist Education
  • 2021 (Webinar) Cheryl Matias Hypermania, Racially Just Teaching, and the Ever-Present Emotionalities of Whiteness: How Racialized Emotions Intoxicate Us All
  • 2020 (Webinar) Floyd D. Beachum, Professor, Lehigh University; Tamika P. La Salle, Associate Professor, Univ. of Connecticut; Michele S. Moses, Vice Provost & Professor, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder, What is academic activism for racial justice and what should it look like in K12 schools or higher education? Is academic activism justified, and, if so, in what forms? (
  • 2019 Fazal Rizvi, Challenges of Decolonization in Education
  • 2018 Bettina L. Love, We Want To Do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching
  • 2017 Annette Lareau, Making Their Way: The Power of Class and Race in How Young Adults Navigate Institutional Hurdles
  • 2016  Jerry Rosiek, Resegregation as Curriculum: What the New Segregation in U.S. Schools is Teaching Children
  • 2015  Kevin Kumashiro, Bad Teacher! How Blaming Teachers Distorts the Bigger Picture
  • 2014  Patricia Hill Collins, Sharpening the Critical Edge of Intersectionality: Implications for Education
  • 2013  Joyce King, Staying Human:  Black Studies and Liberating Education for the Praxis  of Freedom
  • 2010  Pedro Noguera, Creating the Schools We Need and Moving Beyond Catchy Slogans  and the Politics Blame
  • 2008 Jim Scheurich, Anti-Racist Scholarship: An Advocacy