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Undergraduate Level/Class B—Irregular Post Graduate

Undergraduate Level/Class B—Irregular Post Graduate (IPG):  If you prefer not to earn certification at the graduate level, you may want to consider completing certification requirements at the undergraduate level as an Irregular Post Graduate (IPG) student. Successful completion of this program results in Alabama Class B (bachelor’s level) certification; however, you may not receive an additional undergraduate degree.

Admissions to the Undergraduate/Class B—Irregular Post Graduate (IPG)

  • You must have a transcript evaluation in addition to an undergraduate degree.  To pursue certification through this approach, you should apply for Irregular Post Graduate (IPG) status through Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Admission to The University and the College of Education is not the same as admission to a Teacher Education Program (TEP).  After you complete certain initial requirements, you must be formally apply to be admitted to a TEP.