As leaders in the field of education, our faculty must engage in ongoing program improvement processes that include reviewing student performance in order to adapt and enhance our programs to meet the needs of our students. VIA is a valuable tool that will provide you with a convenient means to document and assess your own efforts through:

  • Enhanced organization and productivity
  • Online collaboration
  • Access to digital resources and course management tools
  • Creation of a personalized electronic portfolio

As you progress through the program you will receive multiple assessments of your work, especially your demonstration of the Dispositions, Clinical Experiences, and impact on student learning. During specific times in your course work, you will be asked to submit related artifacts in these areas to your Via showcase. In addition, at the end of your program, you will be asked to submit your entire showcase with reflections to your departmental faculty as a condition of program completion. When you apply for your comprehensive examination, you will receive portfolio submission information.

Student Learning & Licensure can be purchased for $139 for a 7-year membership.  To purchase Student Learning & Licensure, go to  You will use your Crimson email and the generic password of Rolltide#17 to make the purchase.