Step I. Admittance to The University of Alabama

  • General Studies Requirements (freshman/sophomore semesters) 41-47 hours/15 classes
  • Beginning of required courses for Education (second semester sophomore/first semester junior)
  • Enrollment in pre-professional course (second semester sophomore/first semester junior)

Step II. Admittance to a Teacher Education Program (TEP) (junior semester)

Criteria for Admission to Teacher Education Program

Praxis Core Academic Skills Test for Educators (Reading/Writing/Mathematics) ( ) Note: Obtaining the minimum does not guarantee admission

NOTE: Please know that the information regarding Praxis Core has been removed from Alabama’s Praxis web page.  However, the Praxis Core is still required for admission to a TEP at The University of Alabama and many other institutions in the state.  Since the information is no longer on Alabama’s page, registering for the test may be confusing.  We have attached some screenshots below to help you so you might want to print this email and use it for reference while you are registering for the test.

  1. Sign into the Praxis®Account.
  2. Choose the College/University Required Tests option on the Schedule Tests page:

  1. After choosing this option, the Core test options will be listed alphabetically at the bottom of the page:

  1. After choosing the test and selecting The University of Alabama, use the “add a score recipient” option to add the Alabama State Dept. of Education.  The red warning “recipient does not currently accept scores for these tests,” under the Additional Information section has already caused confusion for several individuals.   Please ignore this warning and press “Continue.”

Upon completion of the Score Recipients tab, you will see a summary of all designated recipients.  Information should be checked carefully before continuing to the payment screen.

  • GPA requirement
    • 2.75 both UA and overall; as well as Professional Studies and Teaching Field GPA
  • Successful completion of core and current required semester hours
  • Successful completion of pre-professional course and experiences
    • CEE 320; CSE 390; KIN 350; MUE 389; SPE 304; MAP 331
  • Fingerprints/Background Check:   The Alabama State Department of Education requires fingerprinting and background clearance for certification programs. Therefore, students in the College of Education (and those in the School Library Media program) must be fingerprinted for a background check by the ABI and FBI.
  • EN 101/102 or 103/101 – grade of C or higher
  • Speech – grade of C or higher
  • BEP 305 or BEP/BEF 360 – grade of C higher (undergraduate level)
  • Successful completion of all requirements for EDU 200
  • Successful completion of departmental interview

TEP Portfolio Requirements

Step III. Admittance to Internship (senior semester)

  • Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests  Effective September 1, 2017, passing scores on the Praxis Core Tests of mathematics, reading, and writing are required prior to admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Information is available at [NOTE: Individuals who earned passing scores on all three components of the modified ACT WorkKeys assessments prior to September 1, 2017, may use those scores prior to September 1, 2022, in partial fulfillment of requirements for admission to a Class B or Alternative Class A program.]
    • The Praxis Study Companion provides detailed information about specific tests and test preparation materials available through ETS. Additionally, study guides are on reserve in the McLure Education Library. The Office of Student Services, located in 104 Carmichael Hall, also has study guides available for student use.

      The UA test center code for Praxis exam administration is 02888.

      Scores should be sent to both the UA and the Alabama Department of Education.

      • The UA score recipient code is 1858.
      • The Alabama State Department of Education score recipient code is 7020.Praxis Subject Assessment(s)  Passing scores on the appropriate Praxis subject assessment(s) are required prior to internship. Detailed information is available at **It is very important that you register for the correct test(s) as required for your program. Please check the Praxis website for current Alabama requirements or contact the Office of Student Services & Certification at 348-6073 if you have any questions.**

      NOTE: Please enter these codes at the time of your initial registration to avoid additional score submission fees from the testing service provider.

      You will receive a copy of the scores.

  • Fingerprints and background check cleared by the ABI and FBI
  • Admitted to TEP
  • 2.75 minimum GPA UA, Overall, Professional Studies and Teaching Field (UA and Overall in the Teaching Field)

Step IV. Graduation (must apply for graduation prior to final semester)

Information about applying for graduation is available at

All students in teacher certification programs, regardless of date of initial coursework, must meet the following requirements for graduation:

  • A grade of C or better in each of the professional studies courses.
  • GPAs of 2.75 overall in the teaching field and professional studies (exception: GPA of 2.5 for Physical Education)
  • Each student in a certification program must also show proof of mastery of all Quality Teaching Standards (QTS), Professional Standards and Content Standards prior to program completion. An Individualized Standards Assessment Report (ISAR) for each student will be reviewed and evaluated at various checkpoints to ensure mastery of standards. Upon program completion, the final ISAR will be evaluated prior to graduation and recommendation for certification.
  • Successful completion of Internship
  • Successful completion of edTPA, the newly required multiple measure assessment of teaching
  • Successful completion of all required course work

Step V. Teacher Certification

  • Graduation
  • Successful completion of all Standards required by the Alabama State Department of Education
  • Application to the Alabama State Department of Education

Special Information for Graduates of Teacher Certification Programs

  • Certification
    • We expect those we recommend to the Alabama State Department of Education to be granted certification, as all of our programs are approved by the ALSDE, and we recommend only those students who complete the approved programs. Each student has the responsibility to apply for certification after completion of his/her/their program. The ALSDE evaluates each student’s credentials based on its rules and regulations.
    • Applying for Certification:  All students must complete the online application for certification.  Select “Form NAL.”  Complete the first sections of the form electronically. (Handwritten forms are not accepted. Do not complete Supplement NA1). Submit the printed form, along with the application fee or proof of online payment, to Student Services & Certification in 104 Carmichael Hall.
    • Applications should be submitted at least one semester in advance of graduation. A student who does not apply for professional licensure within five years after completing the state-approved program may be required to fulfill additional, current requirements.
    • In addition to applying for Alabama certification, students who plan to teach in other states must secure the proper professional licensure application forms from those states’ departments of education. Other states may have additional requirements for certification, such as testing.
    • The associate dean for student services in the College of Education has been designated the teacher certification officer for The University.
  • Reciprocity:  The University of Alabama’s teacher education programs are fully accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Therefore, once you have completed your program and receive certification, your certification will be accepted via reciprocity by a vast majority of states around the country. If you plan to teach in states other than Alabama, please contact the state’s certification agency to ensure compliance with specific state requirements such as testing, background clearance, etc.
  • Teacher Warranty:  According to regulations mandated by the Alabama State Board of Education, the College of Education ensures that “a candidate’s competency to begin his/her/their professional role in schools is assessed prior to completion of the program and/or recommendation for certification” and establishes, publishes, and implements “policies to guarantee the success of individuals who complete its approved programs and are employed in their area(s) of specialization.” The College of Education provides “remediation at no cost to such individuals who are recommended . . . and are deemed to be unsatisfactory based on performance evaluations established by the State Board of Education and within two years after program completion.”