The University of Alabama’s Elementary Education Master of Arts Degree Program offers a flexible format and online learning for in-service teachers and full-time learners. Our theoretically and experientially-based programs allow graduate students to explore innovative knowledge and skills in their chosen academic areas of interest.

Admission Requirements 

After acceptance into The University of Alabama’s Graduate School, students will begin progress toward their fully online Elementary Education Master’s Degree. Visit the Graduate School for admission requirements at https://graduate.ua.edu/

Program Requirements

Students must have a Class B teaching certification (or equivalent) in Elementary Education to apply. The Elementary Education Traditional Master’s degree builds upon a Class B teaching certification (or the equivalent) and leads to Alabama Class A certification in Elementary Education (grades K-6).

If students enter the program with Class B certification in Elementary Education AND Class B certification in Early Childhood Education (P-3), students can choose to earn a Class A certificate in Early Childhood Education in addition to Class A certificate in Elementary Education. Students should talk with their advisor if they are interested in adding the Class A certificate in Early Childhood Education (P-3).

Candidates for this degree maintain:

  • GPA of, at least, 3.25 on all coursework selected from the Program of Study
  • All courses are completed with a final grade of “C” or higher
  • A minimum of 30 earned credit hours

Program of Study

Upon admission to the Elementary Education Master’s Degree program, a one-on-one faculty advisor is assigned and available to work with students. The Program of Study document lists the courses. See the Program of Study and the current Course Rotation of when courses are offered linked below.

When reading the Program of Study, note that pairs of courses in this program provide an opportunity to focus on a selected graduate-level specialty teaching field (e.g., science, social studies, mathematics, literacy, or language arts). While one specialty teaching option is required, two specialty options are strongly recommended.

Transferring Credit Hours

A maximum of 12 transfer credit hours, if approved by advisor, may be applied toward the degree. Students should see their advisors regarding which courses are appropriate for transfer credit. Note that credits over six (6) years old may not be used, and credits used for the original Class B certificate are not applicable.

Electronic Portfolio

All ELE MA students submit an electronic portfolio that concentrates on reflection regarding particular areas of professional opportunities and Master’s degree coursework. Students must submit initially upon admittance, at a midpoint, and then at graduation. Portfolios are assessed by a student’s advisor who will provide feedback by assessing the portfolio at each of the three checkpoints with a portfolio rubric and a dispositions rubric. Scoring at the level of Target or higher is required for graduation.

Points of Pride

  • 30-credit-hour duration of the program
  • Convenience of an online program
  • Master’s Degree & Class “A” Certification
  • Affordability