The College of Education’s Research Assistance Center provides faculty and graduate students with advice, assistance and instruction in designing quantitative research studies, selecting and developing instruments, setting up statistical analyses, using statistical software, and writing for publication.

Staffed by three advanced doctoral students (1 quantitative methodologist. 1 qualitative methodologist, and 1 copy editor), the Research Assistance Center provides assistance and instruction to individual faculty and graduate students in designing research studies; selecting and/or developing instruments; setting up statistical analyses; using statistical quantitative software; entering data (faculty only); preparing data for analysis; analyzing data; identifying external sources of funding; reviewing and editing manuscripts for form and grammar; and conducting research seminars for groups of faculty and/or students (e.g., writing grant proposals, conducting program evaluations).

The College of Education’s Julie C. Laible Qualitative Research Lab, located within the Research Assistance Center, provides faculty and graduate students with access to the latest qualitative data analysis equipment and software such as various kinds of tape transcribers, voice recognition software, QSRN6 qualitative data coding software, audio and video tape dubbing equipment, super VHS video cameras, video monitors, ATLAS video coding software, video documentary editing software, and a library of qualitative data analysis reference texts.

Director: Dr. David Hardy