Research Assistance Center

The College of Education’s Research Assistance Center (RAC) provides faculty and graduate students with advice, assistance, and instruction in qualitative research, quantitative research, and academic writing.

The RAC is staffed by three advanced doctoral students: 1) a qualitative methodologist, 2) a quantitative methodologist, and 3) a copy editor. The RAC provides a range of assistance to individual faculty and graduate students, including evaluating research purposes and questions; discussing data collection and analysis approaches, recommending applicable resources and readings, and reviewing academic manuscripts for form and grammar. The RAC also maintains a library of qualitative and quantitative data analysis reference texts, which students may access when the RAC is open.

Additionally, the College of Education’s Julie C. Laible Qualitative Research Lab, located within the RAC, provides faculty and graduate students with access to qualitative data analysis equipment and software, including digital audio recorders, microphones, transcription equipment, and video recorders that can be checked out for use by faculty and staff when the RAC is open.


If you would like to explore what research-related software is available to you through UA’s Office of Information Technology, including NVivo and Qualtrics, please visit this website:

Research Assistance

All appointments/meetings will be virtual this year. 

Quantitative Graduate Research Assistant: Wenjing Guo |

Qualitative Graduate Research Assistant: Boden Robertson |

Writing Graduate Assistant: Kit Emslie

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