The College of Education Staff Council recognizes the COE staff as an integral and important part of the College. The Council shall serve as a representative body of the staff of the College with the primary purpose of contributing to the mission and vision of the College of Education and to facilitate the integration of staff voice in matters of the College that affect or are of importance to staff.

The College of Education Staff Council will not replace existing College lines of reporting. The Staff Council is not intended to be a forum for personal grievances or complaints, but rather a proactive organization dedicated to fostering communication and cohesiveness within the College.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Serve in an advisory role to the Dean and College Leadership Council in matters affecting staff.
  2. Serve as a clearinghouse for issues and concerns of the staff at large.
  3. Promote a positive and supportive work environment for all members of the College staff.
  4. Facilitate communication among staff and between staff, faculty, and administrators.
  5. Facilitate collaboration, mentoring, professional development, and knowledge sharing among the staff, faculty, and administrators.
  6. Promote equity and enhance the visibility and strengthen the voice of staff within the College.

In order to carry out these duties and responsibilities, the COE Staff Council will:

  1. Schedule and conduct monthly meetings or called meetings, as needed.
  2. Conduct elections each fall.
  3. Keep minutes and records of all Staff Council meetings and circulate these to the Dean and all staff.
  4. Communicate with and meet with the entire staff as needed.
  5. Meet with the Dean and/or the Senior Associate Dean as needed.


Membership will represent all exempt and non-exempt full-time and part-time staff in the College. The College of Education Staff Council is made up of one standing appointment (Director of Financial Affairs) and nine elected staff members to include a chair, a chair-elect, and a secretary. The chair-elect will serve as chair the following year. The ten-member Staff Council will be formed by one representative from each of the six departments (C&I, ELPTS, ESPRMC, Kinesiology, Music Education, and SPEMA), three at-large representatives from all offices not affiliated with a department (Dean’s Office, Student Services & Certification, Clinical Experiences, and Outreach and Support Services including In-Service Center, Office of International Programs, Office of Research and Service, and Technology Support), and the Director of Financial Affairs. Elected members will serve a staggered two-year term to begin in January each year. Members can be re-elected when terms expire.

Each department in the College will conduct an internal election process for their Staff Council representative. A Staff Council election among all other College of Education staff not affiliated with a department will be conducted for the three at-large members. The Dean’s Office Operations Coordinator will conduct the election in the same manner as other College-wide elections starting with a ballot strike opportunity followed by emailed ballots. One staff member from each of the three categories below will be elected to fill the three at-large seats:

  1. Dean’s Office, Office of International Programs, and Technology Support Services
  2. Student Services and Certification/Clinical Experiences
  3. Office of Research and Service and In-Service Center

To ensure full College representation, a fourth at-large member may also be appointed by the Dean. The Director of Financial Affairs will represent the Staff Council on the College’s Leadership Council. Adopted by College of Education Leadership Council November 6, 2014.


  • Rebecca Ballard, College and Alumni Relations, Chair
  • Christy Gordon, Department of Kinesiology
  • Amanda Brown, Office of Clinical Experiences
  • Suzanne Gibson, Department of Educational Psychology, Research Methodology, and Counseling
  • Amy Harvell, ORS
  • Vicky Lammon, Dean’s Office, Secretary
  • Emily Spiller, Department of Special Education and Multiple Abilities
  • Tamara Miles, At-large Dean’s Appointment
  • Amanda Dobbins, Office of Financial Affairs
  • Jackie McQueen, Student Services
  • Tracie Sellers, Technology Support
  • Stephen Smith, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Darlene Hicks, Department of Music Education
  • Laura Ballard, Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Technology Studies
  • Lisa Smith, Inservice Center
  • Rita Doughty, Office of Evaluation

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