The University of Alabama’s College of Education offers courses, which lead to certification to teach the Gifted and Talented. This program includes students who are working towards a master’s degree in special education with an emphasis in the gifted and talented. It also consists of students who already hold a master’s degree and who are just working toward a certification in gifted and talented. Emphasis is placed on experiences that will lead to an understanding of the special nature and needs of students who are gifted and talented, application of a variety of instructional models, and differentiated educational programs.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Jennifer Jolly


Gifted Education and Talent Development Office (GETDO)
The Gifted Education and Talent Development Office (GETDO) is a research-related office about gifted education and gifted individuals. Additional activities related to research include outreach to families of gifted children, student programming, community engagement, professional development, and materials development.



Dr. Jennifer L. Jolly

Gifted Education
215G Graves Hall

Dr. Kristen Lamb

Assistant Professor, Gifted Education

Dr. Kathy Wetzel

Clinical Professor,
Gifted Education
104 Carmichael