Each year, as many as four exemplary educators or education supporters may be inducted into the prestigious College of Education Hall of Fame sponsored by the College of Education’s Board of Advisors at The University of Alabama. The inductees are chosen because of their contributions to the education profession through a rigorous process after having been nominated by their peers who are current donors to the College of Education.

Founded in 2012, by the College of Education Board of Advisors of The University of Alabama, the Educator Hall of Fame honors the accomplishments of distinguished leaders in the field of education or dedicated supporters of education.

Deadline for submitting nominations for the 2020 Educator Hall of Fame is October 31, 2019

Criteria for Selection to the Hall of Fame

  • To be considered, a nominee must be either retired from paid, full-time employment in education; be 65 or older.  Post-humous nominations are also considered.
  • Nominees who are selected will be of character consistent with the standards of the education profession.
  • Nominees must be from one of the following categories: Teacher/Educator, Educational Administrator/Leader, Education Supporter, or COE Faculty Member. With the exception of the COE Faculty Member and Education Supporter categories, a nominee must be a graduate of The University of Alabama’s College of Education.
  • Nominees will be selected based on their displays of originality and creativity in making outstanding contributions either to the practice of education to educational leadership, and/or to the promotion of education, scholarship, or the well-being of students.

Guidelines for nominating a candidate to the Educator Hall of Fame

  • A nomination may be completed electronically or by mail.
  • A nomination must include the nominee’s name, title, address, telephone number, e-mail address, the name and contact information for the primary nominator and the supporting nominator (if applicable).
  • A nomination must include a narrative that briefly explains how the nominee meets the criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame and why the person qualifies for this honor.
  • The submission may also include a letter seconding the nomination, the nominee’s résumé, and up to two additional letters of support at the nominator’s discretion.
  • Each nomination will also include the category to which the person is being nominated (i.e., Teacher/Educator, Administrator, Education Supporter, or COE Faculty Member).

Deadline for submitting nominations is October 31, 2019. When the nominations are received, they will be compiled and directed to the Hall of Fame Committee appointed by the Board of Advisors Chair. The Committee will review the nominations based on criteria for selection in each category and will forward their recommendations to the College of Education Board of Advisors for review and final decision.  All nominations will be considered for a period of three years.

Please send nominations to uacollegeofeducation@ua.edu or mail to Box 870231, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.  (Attn:  Rebecca Ballard).

If you have additional questions, please email rebecca.ballard@ua.edu.

Educator Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Mary Ann and James Blackmon (2019)
  • Harold L. Bishop (2012)
  • Edward Cleino (2015)
  • Adolph Crew (2016)
  • Paul Hubbert (2012)
  • Autherine Lucy Foster (2016)
  • Esther Hall (2016)
  • John Cody Hall (2019)
  • Shelley Jones (2015)
  • Jeanice Kirkland (2012)
  • Marian A. Loftin (2014)
  • Jayne Meyer (2012)
  • Judy Merritt (2016)
  • Jane Moore (2018)
  • Joseph B. Morton (2014)
  • Sandra H. Ray (2018)
  • Melba Richardson (2019)
  • Marcus L. Roberts, Jr. (2014)
  • Barbara Rountree (2018)
  • N. Joyce Sellers (2014)
  • Martha Tack (2019)
  • Archie Wade (2015)