To all students who need to take the Praxis Core for admission to a Teacher Education Program (TEP):

Please know that the information regarding Praxis Core has been removed from Alabama’s Praxis web page.  However, the Praxis Core is still required for admission to a TEP at The University of Alabama and many other institutions in the state.  Since the information is no longer on Alabama’s page, registering for the test may be confusing.  We have attached some screenshots below to help you so you might want to print this email and use it for reference while you are registering for the test.

  1. Sign into the Praxis®Account.
  2. Choose the College/University Required Tests option on the Schedule Tests page:

  1. After choosing this option, the Core test options will be listed alphabetically at the bottom of the page:

  1. After choosing the test and selecting The University of Alabama, use the “add a score recipient” option to add the Alabama State Dept. of Education.  The red warning “recipient does not currently accept scores for these tests,” under the Additional Information section has already caused confusion for several individuals.   Please ignore this warning and press “Continue.”

Upon completion of the Score Recipients tab, you will see a summary of all designated recipients.  Information should be checked carefully before continuing to the payment screen.