Honors Day will be held on April 7th in Autherine Lucy Hall.  If you are an Honor Graduate or recipient of an award, you should have received an invitation in your crimson mail.

Honor Graduates

Below you will find the list of the College of Education Latin Honor graduates and the college-wide and department awards for Honors Day 2023. 

Appropriate honor regalia is available in 104 Carmichael.  

Summa cum laude: GPA of 3.9 or greater.   Magna cum laude: GPA of 3.7 or greater, but less than 3.9.  Cum laude: GPA of 3.5 or greater, but less than 3.7.   Latin honors are calculated on UA GPAs.

summa cum laude

  • Tiffany L. Adams
  • Andrea S. Albus
  • Tucker L. Allen
  • Kathryn M. Anderson
  • Hudson C. Angell
  • Haley E. Arendes
  • Madelyn G. Beard
  • Erica G. Belson
  • Gretta C. Bender
  • Jaclyn R. Bishop
  • Olivia C. Blakeney
  • Rachel R. Brady
  • Anna C. Brown
  • Madelin F. Cain
  • Elizabeth C. Cameron
  • Anna G. Chandler
  • Catherine A. Clayton
  • Audrey J. Colabrese
  • Callie G. Corley
  • Kristin J. Covington
  • Ashley H. Crockett
  • Joseph B. Day
  • Sydney L. Decker
  • Riley A. Dreyfus
  • Elizabeth A. Ezell
  • Anna V. Fagan
  • Grace A. Fikes
  • Emma E. Flournoy
  • Lauren C. Folsom
  • Caroline R. Fraser
  • Jenna G. Frizzell
  • Anna M. Gerbich
  • Alexis J. Grafenstine
  • Olivia A. Graham
  • Anne B. Guffee
  • Cameron E. Hadley
  • Jordan B. Harris
  • Samuel E. Harris
  • Emily A. Hicks
  • Mary F. Hinton
  • Abby K. Holmes
  • Alexa L. Hower
  • Rachel L. Kaiser
  • Alison D. Klein
  • Emma L. Lawson
  • Reagan D. Lewanski
  • Caroline J. Lloyd
  • Mariah A. Martin
  • Katherine E. Miller
  • Kristen N. Moore
  • Marie F. Moore
  • Emily E. Morgan
  • Jane B. Murray
  • John L. Niiler
  • Alex M. Oberholtzer
  • Bethany K. Peppers
  • Chloe E. Pierson
  • Jared K. Ponder
  • Caitlin E. Renda
  • Katie M. Rhinehart
  • Sarah Q. Richey
  • Madeline P. Robert
  • Mary G. Robertson
  • Grayson E. Rogers
  • Sarah G. Sherbert
  • Madalyn K. Sherrill
  • Emily S. Smith
  • Jayleigh L. Tawbush
  • Chandler M. Turnipseed
  • Isaiah J. Vasquez
  • Sydney A. Vickers
  • Matilyn K. Waligora
  • Abby G. Walker
  • Jennifer A. Walker
  • Joshua D. Walker
  • Abigail C. Webster
  • Lauran E. Wilcoxson
  • Kendall S. Williams
  • Audrey A. Woodruff
  • Icie D. Wriley

magna cum laude

  • Samantha L. Abbott
  • Brigid H. Anderson
  • Jordan A. Brady
  • Kizer A. Brown
  • Olivia G. Bruner
  • Khaiah A. Burroughs
  • Alexis H. Campos
  • Taylor A. Carter
  • Wesley B. Chambless
  • Lauren A. Cole
  • Emily L. Cornelius
  • McKenna B. Daniel
  • Emma R. Davis
  • Lindsay T. Dobyne
  • Emily K. Douglas
  • Alexia C. Duhaime
  • Patricia F. Elder
  • Evan J. Elgart
  • Jordyn Elke
  • Madison R.  Epperson
  • Riley M. Fitzpatrick
  • Madelaine E. Garrett
  • Isabella C. Golden
  • Kaylee J. Guarascio
  • Katherine K. Haley
  • A’Nya D. Hester
  • Korynn E. Hill
  • Amy K. Ingle
  • Jeniqua L. Johnson
  • Ryan J. Jones
  • Allison L. Jordan
  • Caroline B. Kent
  • Claire E. Lutz
  • Adrian Martinez
  • Lindsey A. Mass
  • Reese M. McCorry
  • Kaitlyn B. McDaniel
  • Phillip M. McDaniel
  • Zoey K. Nabors
  • Sailey L. Nichols
  • Jessica M. Ortmann
  • Amy R. Pender
  • Emily A. Petranka
  • Abbey H. Ray
  • Joseph G. Renfroe
  • Garrett Reuben
  • Katherine L. Ryan
  • Sydney J. Scoggins
  • Caroline M. Sigman
  • Tia D. Smith
  • Hailey D. Tuckmantel
  • Samuel M. Utzig

cum laude

  • Samantha L. Adams
  • Eleanor L. Allen
  • Matthew T. Arthur
  • Pierson S. Atchison
  • Julie D. Bice
  • Alexis M. Bosler
  • Elizabeth C. Boyd
  • Madison A. Bracey
  • Xixi Cao
  • Gemma R. Cenci
  • Julia S. Cullen
  • Taney A. Doll
  • Diana L. Fitzmaurice
  • Camryn M. Gossett
  • Noah L. Graham
  • Zoe K. Griffin
  • Cadee A. Hood
  • Maggie L. Howard
  • Emily K. Hurd
  • Chandler H. James
  • Jenna G. Johnson
  • Katherine R. Johnston 
  • Olivia K. Jones
  • Abbey T. Jordan
  • Abigail G. Ketchem
  • Abigail E. Koczo
  • Jacob A. Kwasniewski
  • Kiley M. Lonnquist
  • Mary E. Lovelady
  • Mary C. Maitre
  • Lillian L. Mcarthur 
  • Camille G. McRae
  • Margaret A. Moran
  • Annabella D. Mowry
  • Madigan L. O’Neil
  • Jennifer E. Porteous
  • Benjamin C. Redmill
  • Kennedy D. Reese
  • Madeline L. Schwing
  • Bailey M. Shepard
  • Virginia K. Skeeter
  • Kylie G. Stagner
  • Grace Sutherlin
  • Clay A. Tyler
  • Sydney A. Vincens
  • Martha E. Wade
  • Anna K. Walls
  • Ashley O. White
  • Tyler G. White
  • Ann Elaine Williams
  • Raegan E. Windham

Most Outstanding Student Awards

Curriculum & Instruction

  • Early Childhood Education (Undergraduate) Emma Lawson
  • Elementary Education (Undergraduate) Ashley Crockett
  • Elementary Research (Graduate)   Erin Rich
  • Elementary Service (Graduate)Kristin Johnson
  • Elementary Teaching (Graduate) Jane Sulser
  • Secondary English Language Arts (Undergraduate) Audrey Woodruff
  • Secondary English Language Arts (Graduate) Julia Nolen
  • Secondary Foreign Language (Undergraduate)   Jack Lombardo
  • Secondary Foreign Language (Graduate)   Marie Moore
  • Secondary Mathematics (Undergraduate) Samantha Adams
  • Secondary Mathematics (Graduate) Pam Smith
  • Secondary Science (Undergraduate) Cami Zahorscak
  • Secondary Science (M.A.) Caitlin Edwards Hanson
  • Secondary Science (Ph.D.) Sabrina Stanley
  • Secondary Social Science (Undergraduate) Jessica O’Neal
  • Secondary Social Science (Graduate) Michael Beer

Educational Leadership, Policy, & Technology Studies

  • Educational Leadership—Ph.D. Darryl Washington
  • Educational Leadership—Ed.D. Preeti Nichani  
  • Educational Leadership—Instructional Leader, Ed.S. Alphus Shipman 
  • Educational Leadership—Library Media, Ed.S. Kat Baxter
  • Educational Leadership—Teacher Leader, Ed.S. Danielle Butler
  • Educational Leadership—M.A. Angie Morrison  
  • Higher Education Administration—Research (Ph.D.) Emily Decker
  • Higher Education Administration—Service (Ph.D.) Undre Phillips
  • Higher Education Administration—Teaching (Ph.D.) Elizabeth McDonald 
  • Higher Education Administration—Exec. Ed.D. Kirsten Henry
  • Higher Education Administration—Ed.D. Jessika White
  • Higher Education Administration—M.A. Michael Collins
  • Higher Education Administration—M.A. (Online) Andrew (Ross) D’Entremont
  • Higher Education Administration—Teaching Certificate Kayla Ballard
  • Higher Education Administration—Service (M.A.) Jessica Rentz
  • Instructional Technology—Ph.D. Jill Westerlund
  • Instructional Technology—Innovation (Ph.D.) Chris Jenks
  • Instructional Technology—Research (Ph.D.) Empress Searight
  • Instructional Technology—M.A. Mary Lou Jones
  • Social and Cultural Studies—Ph.D. Benjamin Ray

Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, & Counseling

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling Asheton Tanahey
  • Counselor Education (Ph.D.) Sylvia Hollins
  • Counselor Education (Ed.S.) Daniel Marshall
  • Educational Psychology Brianna “Z” Derevjanik 
  • Qualitative Research Sun Young Gu
  • Quantitative Research Cheng Hua
  • Rehabilitation Counseling Carl Lynn
  • School Counseling Haley Tolbert
  • School Psychology Crystal Winton


  • Exercise Science—Ph.D. Katie Sullivan
  • Exercise Science—M.A. Delaney Baird
  • Exercise Science (Undergraduate) Tiffany Adams
  • Sport Pedagogy (Graduate) Adam Wolecki
  • Physical Education Teacher Education (Undergraduate) Ella M. Maggio

Music Education

  • Choral Music (Undergraduate) Bethany Knight Peppers 
  • Choral Music (Graduate) Donna T. Smith  
  • Instrumental Music (Undergraduate) John Niiler
  • Instrumental Music (Graduate) Patrick Greene and Caroline Wright  

Special Education & Multiple Abilities

  • Autism (Graduate) Kelsey Thompson
  • Collaborative Teacher (Undergraduate) Lauran Wilcoxson
  • Collaborative Teacher—Multiple Abilities Program Cohort (Graduate) Taylor Townsend Moorer 
  • Gifted and Talented (Graduate) Jessica Schmauch
  • Early Childhood Special Education (Undergraduate) Madelyn Beard
  • Multiple Abilities Program (Undergraduate) Icie Wriley
  • Severe Disabilities Caroline Kelly
  • CrossingPoints Certificate in Occupational Studies Richard Tucker

Graduate Research, Teaching, & Service Awards

Outstanding Teaching by a Master’s Student
Ford Patronas 

Outstanding Teaching by a Doctoral Student

Annie Mulholland

Recognition for Excellence in Research by a Doctoral Student

Paton Michelle Roden

Most Outstanding Research by a Doctoral Student
Carlson Coogler

Recognition for Excellence in Service by a Graduate Student

Paton Michelle Roden

Most Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student

Jacob Feiler

Recognition for Excellence in Dissertation Research

Dr. Elizabeth L. Michael

Embedding Choice Making into the Self-Regulated Strategy Development Instructional Approach for Students in a Residential Treatment Facility

Dissertation Chairs:  Kristine Jolivette & Nicole Swoszowski

M. Ray Loree Most Outstanding Dissertation 

Dr. Kimberly G. Stephenson

Comparing Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers’ Perceptions in Fostering Creativity

Dissertation Chairs:  Jennifer Jolly & Kristen Lamb

Departmental Awards

Janice Bargdill Wilson Award for Excellence in Teaching with Children’s Literature

This award honors the late Wilson, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education, by recognizing an undergraduate elementary education student who has exhibited excellence in teaching through the use of children’s literature.

Caroline Fraser

Dr. Adolph B. Crew Teaching Award

Dr. Crew was a Professor of Secondary Education in the College. This award recognizes a secondary education student who exemplifies outstanding teaching, especially in the areas of experiential learning and interdisciplinary teaching. 

Melinda Walker

Judy L. Bonner Award for Nurse Educator of the Year

This award honors Bonner for her leadership in the development of the interdisciplinary Ed.D. for Nurse Educators. The recipient of the award has evidenced the traits of integrity, enthusiasm, and creative leadership.

Angela Durry

George H. Stopp Academic Achievement Award

Established by George Stopp, Jr., in memory of his father, George Stopp, Professor of Recreation, this award is presented to a student in the Department of Kinesiology who has achieved the highest GPA as a senior. 

Jennifer Walker

The University of Alabama Adapted Athletics Academic Award

This award recognizes a student who is a member of Adapted Athletics for their academic achievements.  

Joy Haizelden

Jasper Harvey Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies

Harvey, the first Professor of Special Education in Alabama, was hired in 1959 to design the College’s Special Education programs, which he directed from 1959 to 1969.

Megan Fedewa

Tommy Russell Award for Excellence in Doctoral Studies

Russell, Professor of Special Education, was the recipient of the first doctorate in special education awarded at the Capstone (1963) and he chaired the program in cognitive disabilities from 1968 – 1996.

Allie Marques Cramer

Stephen A. Willard Memorial Award

Willard, Professor of Special Education, was the director of the special education program and founder of the Hackberry Summer Camp program for persons with disabilities.

Hannah Merrill

Kappa Delta Pi Award Distinguished Undergraduate Scholar

This award is presented to the graduating senior with the highest cumulative grade point average. 

Marie Moore