Honors Day will be held on April 8th in Autherine Lucy Hall.  If you are an Honor Graduate or recipient of an award, you should have received an invitation in your crimson mail.

Honor Graduates

Below you will find the list of the College of Education Latin Honor graduates and the college-wide and department awards for Honors Day 2022. 

Appropriate honor regalia is available in 104 Carmichael.  

Summa cum laude: GPA of 3.9 or greater. Names with an asterisk achieved all A’s during their college careers.  Names in bold achieved a 4.0 at the end of their college career.  Magna cum laude: GPA of 3.7 or greater, but less than 3.9.  Cum laude: GPA of 3.5 or greater, but less than 3.7.   Latin honors are calculated on UA GPAs.

summa cum laude

  • Elizabeth M. Algren
  •  Carly R. Applebaum
  •  Saydi B. Arms*
  •  Katherine B. Atkins
  •  Haley N. Baker
  •  Leah C. Barksdale
  •  Anna K. Blankenship*
  •  Anna N. Borden*
  •  Alanna M. Bradley
  •  Lynleigh I. Byram
  •  Mary C. Case
  •  Maria R. Cirone
  •  Carson E. Cook
  •  Riley E. Doyle
  •  Mary S. Drummond
  •  Tyler L. Eltvedt
  •  Grayson P. Evans
  •  Olivia H. Fix
  •  Abigail M. Freeman
  •  Molly N. Fullick*
  •  Macy E. Green
  •  Nathan L. Grissett
  •  Mary O. Hannum
  •  William R. Hayes
  • Kallie Hester*
  •  Jordan M. Jones
  •  Kaitlin A. Jones
  •  Hannah K. Junkin*
  •  Mary C. Kelly
  •  Luke E. Kynard
  •  Elizabeth A. Lederle
  •  Angelica E. Malkowski
  •  Ericka C. Martin
  •  Jacob C. Martin
  •  Mary C. Mauro
  •  Hayden I. Neugent
  •  Lynnlee M. Poe
  •  Rachel J. Poovey
  • Natalie Ramseier
  •  Kolton G. Ray
  •  Maggie M. Ray
  •  Eryn M. Render
  •  Jackson R. Roberson
  • Erin Roberts
  •  Meagan K. Rodriguez
  •  Kayleigh S. Rosales*
  •  Kelsey Schilling
  •  Danit Silberman
  •  Anna M. Spengler
  •  Carrson A. Strickland
  •  Savanna J. Swanson
  •  Emma J. Tosney
  •  Mary Ruth R. Tucker*
  •  Hannah K. Webb
  •  Riley C. White
  •  Cade L. Willingham
  •  Katherine E. Wimberley
  •  Margaret C. Winters
  •  Kelsey N. Wyatt
  •  Sarah L. Yelverton*

magna cum laude

  • Mary M. Allen
  • Lexi Andreoni
  •  Hannah D. Barber
  •  Emma G. Barger
  •  Carolanne H. Berte
  •  Madeline E. Bice
  •  Kaitlyn N. Blake
  •  Natalie E. Brown
  •  Michael L. Calloway
  •  Kelli N. Chesebro’
  •  Hannah F. Clayborne
  •  Christina A. Colardeau
  •  Fernanda N. Delgado
  •  Katie J. Dickey
  •  Olivia R. Dobbins
  •  Avery L. Driver
  •  Lea M. Duben
  •  Autumn E. Ford
  •  Emily C. Free
  •  Brandon T. Glander
  •  Hannah F. Gulley
  •  Griffin C. James
  •  Skylar B. Jaye
  •  Jordan Kelley
  •  Grace E. Kirkland
  •  Allison L. Krajewski
  •  Noah A. Landry
  •  Gabrielle M. Lozito
  •  Madison E. MacDonald
  •  Leahrose C. Mami
  •  Madeline R. Mettler
  •  Julia G. Nolen
  •  Anna M. Peyton
  •  Cara E. Pflaum
  •  Madison B. Plattenburg
  •  Frances E. Proctor
  •  Amanda R. Shirley
  •  Lynsey A. Simpson
  •  Meredith V. Taylor
  •  Delaney A. Tressler
  •  Reagan C. Trujillo
  •  Allie E. Tucker
  •  Amy E. Undieme
  •  Brianna N. Wynne

cum laude

  • Sarah E. Brinson
  •  Andrew M. Bunker
  •  Reese G. Caldwell
  •  Carter R. Chambliss
  • Channell Max
  •  Jacquelyn F. Christello
  • Jaynee Colberg
  •  Kristina Culbertson
  •  Kendall A. Demirjian
  •  Chloe R. Flanders
  •  Taylor A. Fridley
  •  Sydney V. Glasgow
  •  Taylor K. Hallman
  •  Lela M. Hartsfield
  •  Brianna L. Harvey
  •  Paige B. Hoblitzell
  •  Christlyn M. Horst
  •  Ryleigh B. Hunt
  •  Abigail M. LaGasse
  •  Avery L. Lee
  •  Kayla T. Mack
  •  Alexandria F. Malta
  •  Maggie C. Mcgee
  •  Brandon L. Morrison
  •  Sophie D. O’Gorman
  • Sarah Reeder
  •  Paige E. Siclovan
  •  Kayla D. Troedel
  •  Mary K. Vice
  •  Sophia O. Zatz

Research, Teaching, and Service Awards

Most Outstanding Student Awards

Curriculum & Instruction

  • Early Childhood Education (Undergraduate) Haley Baker
  • Elementary Education (Undergraduate) Anna Borden
  • Elementary Research (Graduate)   Cortney Dilgard & Jale Ercan Dursun
  • Elementary Service (Graduate) Lauren Wallace
  • Elementary Teaching (Graduate) Melissa Walton 
  • Literacy (Graduate) Qi Si
  • Secondary English Language Arts (Undergraduate) Julia Nolen
  • Secondary English Language Arts (Graduate) Catherine Schmandt
  • Secondary Foreign Language (Undergraduate) Riley Doyle
  • Secondary Mathematics (Undergraduate) Emma Barger
  • Secondary Mathematics (Graduate) Nathan Kenny
  • Secondary Science (Undergraduate) Cameron Simmons 
  • Secondary Science (Graduate) Paden Crowder
  • Secondary Social Science (Undergraduate) Maleah Tate
  • Secondary Social Science (Graduate) Julie Johnson

Educational Leadership, Policy, & Technology Studies

  • Educational Leadership—Ph.D. Huaiyue Zhang
  • Educational Leaderhsip—Ed.D. Andrea Ziegler 
  • Educational Leadership—Ed.S. Michael Vise 
  • Educational Leadership—M.A. Kelly Wynn 
  • Higher Education Administration—Research (Ph.D.) Paton Roden
  • Higher Education Administration—Teaching (Ph.D.) Kimberley Williams
  • Higher Education Administration—Exec. Ed.D. Mark Butt
  • Higher Education Administration—Ed.D. Stephanie Lowe
  • Higher Education Administration—M.A. Tahani Osman
  • Higher Education Administration—M.A. (Online) McKinsey Poole
  • Higher Education Administration—Teaching Certificate Elizabeth McDonald
  • Higher Education Administration—Service (M.A.) Brittni Milledge
  • Instructional Technology—Ph.D. Mallori Crockett
  • Instructional Technology—Innovation (Ph.D.)Brandon Walker
  • Instructional Technology—Research (Ph.D.) Bernadette Beavers
  • Instructional Technology—M.A. Paul “Jeff” Levingston
  • Instructional Technology—Graduate Certificate Kantrele King
  • Social and Cultural Studies—Ph.D. Shelton K. Johnson

Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, & Counseling

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling Amber Slaughter
  • Counselor Education Shanice Carter
  • Educational Psychology Sarah Hughes Berheim and Cailee Nelson
  • Qualitative Research Carson Coogler
  • Quantitative Research Qingzhou Shi
  • Rehabilitation Counseling Mathew Trieber
  • School Counseling Leah Clark
  • School Psychology Kimberleigh Daniels


  • Exercise Science—Ph.D. Peixuan Zhang
  • Exercise Science—M.A. Nick Barefoot
  • Exercise Science (Undergraduate) Saydi Arms
  • Sport Management (Graduate)
  • Sport Pedagogy (Graduate) Meghan Dennis
  • Physical Education Teacher Education (Undergraduate) Luke Kynard 

Music Education

  • Choral Music (Graduate) Adrienne Wiggins
  • Choral Music (Undergraduate) Hannah Kate Junkin 
  • Instrumental Music (Undergraduate) Alanna Bradley
  • Instrumental Music (Graduate) Russell Greene

Special Education & Multiple Abilities

  • Collaborative Teacher (Undergraduate) Tyler Eltvedt
  • Collaborative Teacher (Graduate) Allie Marques
  • Collaborative Teacher—Multiple Abilities Program Cohort (Graduate) Taylor Burge
  • Gifted and Talented (Graduate) Meaghan Hughes-Davis
  • Early Childhood Special Education (Undergraduate) Molly Fullick
  • Early Childhood Special Education (Graduate) Alexis Elston
  • Multiple Abilities Program (Undergraduate) Leah Barksdale
  • Severe Disabilities (Graduate) Maia Wilk
  • Autism (Graduate) Mikinzie Versteeg
  • CrossingPoints Certificate in Occupational Studies (CCOS) Davis Spain

Graduate Research, Teaching, & Service Awards

Outstanding Research by a Master’s Student

Nicholas T. Barefoot 

Outstanding Teaching by a Master’s Student

 Reginald T. Ryan

Outstanding Research by a Doctoral Student

Battogtokh “Togy” Zagdsuren

Recognition for Excellence in Research by a Doctoral Student

April M. Jones

Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student

Kimberly G. Stephenson

Most Outstanding Thesis

Filiz Akyuz

The Effect of Test-Optional Policies on Student Enrollment Demographics

Chair: Dr. Karri A. Holley

M. Ray Loree Most Outstanding Dissertation

Dr. Wenjing Guo

Exploring Rating Quality in the Context of High-Stakes Rater-Mediated Educational Assessments

Dissertation Chair:  Dr. Stefanie A. Wind

Recognition for Excellence in Dissertation Research

Dr. A. C. Johnson

“I Deserve to Be Here More than Anybody Else”: First-Generation African American Women Doctoral Students’ Experiences at Southern HWIS

Chair: Dr. Karri A. Holley

Recognition for Excellence in Dissertation Research

Dr. Kiara S. Summerville

“…Just Keep Cracking the Ceiling.”: Black Women Student Leaders’ Experiences with Belonging at a Historically White Institution

Chair: Dr. Karri A. Holley

Dissertation Research – Honorable Mention

Dr. Aundrea M. McFall

Self-Regulated Strategy Development and a Low-Intensity Behavior Strategy: Intensified TWA and Mindful Breathing to Improve the Reading Comprehension Skills of Middle School Students with Learning and Behavioral Disorders

Chairs: Dr. Kristine Jolivette; Nicole C. Swoszowski

Dissertation Research – Honorable Mention 

Dr. Briana G. Kidd
Kendred Spirits: An Autoethnographic Account of Composing Closeness between Bars

Chair: Dr. Latrise P. Johnson

Dissertation Research – Honorable Mention

Dr. Brenton R. Powers

Black Men’s Choice Process in Attending a Historically Black College and University Medical School

Chair: Dr. Nathaniel J. Bray

Janice Bargdill Wilson Award for Excellence in Teaching with Children’s Literature

This award honors the late WilsonAssistant Professor of Elementary Educationby recognizing an undergraduate elementary education student who has exhibited excellence in teaching through the use of children’s literature.

Abigail Arthur & Brianna Hyche 

Judy L. Bonner Award for Nurse Educator of the Year

This award honors Bonner for her leadership in the development of the interdisciplinary Ed.D. for Nurse Educators. The recipient of the award has evidenced the traits of integrityenthusiasmand creative leadership.

Jenna Beamer

George H. Stopp Academic Achievement Award

Established by George StoppJr., in memory of his father, George Stopp, Professor of Recreation, this award is presented to a student in the Department of Kinesiology who has achieved the highest GPA as a senior. 

Sarah Yelverton

The University of Alabama Adapted Athletics Academic Award

This award recognizes a student who is a member of Adapted Athletics for their academic achievements.  

Parthasarathi Venkatram

Jasper Harvey Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies

Harvey, the first Professor of Special Education in Alabama, was hired in 1959 to design the College’s Special Education programs, which he directed from 1959 to 1969.

Kameron Carden

Tommy Russell Award for Excellence in Doctoral Studies

Russell, Professor of Special Education, was the recipient of the first doctorate in special education awarded at the Capstone (1963) and he chaired the program in cognitive disabilities from 1968 – 1996.

Allyson Pitzel

Stephen A. Willard Memorial Award

Willard, Professor of Special Education, was the director of the special education program and founder of the Hackberry Summer Camp program for persons with disabilities.

Carolina Kudesey

Kappa Delta Pi Award Distinguished Undergraduate Scholar

This award is presented to the graduating senior with the highest cumulative grade point average. 

Molly N. Fullick