COE Checkpoint Grid

The attached Checkpoint Grid lists courses that are designated in assignments/tasks that will be incorporated into your Electronic Portfolio. You will submit the E-Portfolio through Via by Watermark (LiveText) at the points labeled Checkpoint 1 (Graduate Orientation Module), Checkpoint 2, and Checkpoint 3 (End of program/semester completing the Comprehensive Examination/Assessment).

Advanced Program Electronic Portfolio, Dispositions, and Clinical Experiences Rubric

To measure your academic and professional growth, your Electronic Portfolio will be assessed at designated checkpoints during your program (See Checkpoint Grid). Three rubrics, aligned to the state and national standards, are used to assess student progress in three key areas:

  1. Dispositions;
  2. Clinical Experiences;
  3. Electronic Portfolio. At each checkpoint, you will receive important feedback that you can reflect upon and use to guide your progress. The attached rubric will be used to assess your work.

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