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Congratulations on your acceptance into the College of Education and the Graduate School at The University of Alabama.  You are joining a dedicated group of faculty and students. We would like to share some important information about our college through this online module located on this website.

  • Please view the welcome from Dean Peter Hlebowitsh to learn more about our college.
  • Next, you will learn about the College of Education’s Dispositions. These dispositions are values, attitudes, and beliefs that our faculty, students, staff, and stakeholders deem as important. Throughout the program, you will receive assessments of your development in these areas. These assessments should serve as benchmarks for you as you progress through the program.
  • At the conclusion of the Graduate Orientation Module, you will be asked to create a portfolio and submit artifacts of prior teaching and/or scholarship related to the College of Education’s Dispositions in Via by Watermark (LiveText) . Via by Watermark (LiveText) is a valuable technology tool that will provide you with a convenient means to document and assess your own efforts through enhanced organization and productivity; online collaboration; access to digital resources and course management tools; and creation of a personalized electronic portfolio. As you progress through the program you will receive multiple assessments of your work, especially your demonstration of the Dispositions, Clinical Experiences, and impact on student learning. During specific courses, you will be asked to submit related artifacts in these areas to your Via by Watermark (LiveText) portfolio. In addition, at the end of your program, you will be asked to submit your entire portfolio with reflections to your departmental faculty as a condition of program completion. When you apply for your comprehensive examination, you will receive portfolio submission information

The College of Education is committed to providing you with the best learning opportunities available. We welcome you to the College of Education and hope you find this module helpful as you begin your graduate studies.

Note: If you began the module prior to May 15, 2015, you may notice that the format has changed. Please note that even with this visual change, the information has remained the same. Please progress through the module as instructed.

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