The Ambassadors of the College of Education (COE) are the official student representatives, ambassadors, tour guides, and student recruitment agents for the COE. The students serve the College and its alumni as hosts and hostesses for Education functions, prospective student recruiting, and other designated college events. This group will also serve a student advisory function for the Dean of the College.


Nominees must be full‑time students with at least 24 credit hours completed and an overall grade point average of 3.00 or higher. Students must be enrolled in the College to serve as an ambassador. Members are selected by the Dean and are recognized as among the most qualified students in teacher education. The term of membership is for one full year. Students can reapply for a second year of service.  An attempt shall be made to ensure that ambassadors will be representative of student diversity at the Capstone.


In addition to regular meetings, members must work a designated number of service hours per semester.  Service hours will be determined by the advisor at the beginning of each semester based on anticipated activities. Service hours are to be scheduled throughout the term and may also be increased mid-semester due to unanticipated activities.  Continuation of student ambassadorship will be contingent upon meeting service requirements.


  • To provide assistance with the recruiting efforts of the College
  • To serve in an student advisory capacity to the Dean
  • To provide assistance with high school and alumni related functions for the College
  • To provide informational tours of the College during regular working hours
  • To assist incoming students with answers/information about college life
  • To facilitate relationships with faculty, staff, and students
  • To welcome alumni to the college and assist when needed
  • To assist the College during football game weekends and special events
  • To develop a leadership program in which all participants obtain skills above and beyond what is learned in class


  • Speak clearly and concisely in front of crowds and with individuals
  • Dress appropriately for events
  • Maintain regular contact with program advisor
  • Learn all aspects of tours for each program within the College
  • Learn policies and regulations that affect incoming freshmen and transfer students
  • Participate in events the College sponsors willingly and professionally
  • Attend all meetings and educational programs provided by the group
  • Display maturity when working with concerned alums/parents/students
  • Display enthusiasm for the program and generate a positive teamwork atmosphere
  • Perform all assigned hours and display willingness to work more if needed
  • Initiate conversations with students and alums at events without being prodded
  • Manage time effectively and check voice mail and email regularly
  • Maintain “uniforms” in an acceptable manner
  • Help new students understand the university’s expectations of them
  • Create an atmosphere that minimizes new student anxiety, promotes positive attitudes, and stimulates an excitement for learning
  • Provide opportunities for new students to discuss expectations and perceptions of the campus with continuing students
  • Provide an awareness of non-classroom opportunities
  • Provide information and exposure to available institutional services
  • Perform other duties as assigned


The advisor shall be Director of Recruitment or his/her designee and will serve an indefinite term. The duties of the advisor are as follows:

  • Prepare yearly budget
  • Keep accurate record of financial transactions
  • Act as liaison between the group and the Dean of the College of Education
  • Administer the policies and procedures of the university
  • Notify members when tours are needed
  • Coordinate and guide activities and prepare sign-up lists for university-sponsored functions

The advisor’s duties are the sole responsibility of the Dean of the College and cannot be modified by the Ambassadors.