Below you will find the list of the College of Education Latin Honor graduates and the college-wide and department awards for Honors Day 2021. 

Certificates for Latin honors will be available along with appropriate honor regalia in 104 Carmichael on Friday, March 12th.  If you are unable to pick yours up, please let know.

Those receiving departmental or college-wide awards will receive those in the mail. 

Please remember to send your portrait to by March 19th for inclusion in the virtual Honors Day program to be released on April 9th.

Honor Graduates (

Summa cum laude: GPA of 3.9 or greater. Names with an asterisk achieved all A’s during their college careers.  Names in bold achieved a 4.0 at the end of their college career.  Magna cum laude: GPA of 3.7 or greater, but less than 3.9.  Cum laude: GPA of 3.5 or greater, but less than 3.7.   Latin honors are calculated on UA GPAs.

summa cum laude magna cum laude cum laude
Katelyn A. Adams Lexi R. Arborn Sydney D. Barbee
Elizabeth  Aguirre* Kathryn A. Atkinson Lindsey P. Black
Katherine E. Alexander Sydney B. Ballew Rebecca M. Blevins
Kaitlyn E. Beach Jessica Banks Kameryn B. Brotherton
Mary H. Boykin Savannah R. Bernal Paige M. Brower
Laura C. Brunson Sarah K. Bohannon Emmalee M. Custard
Taylor M. Burge Emma K. Bostick Emily K. Dickey
Noah M. Burns Nicholas G. Brune Ilaria Kathleen Mary  Earl
Mary Elizabeth  Burns * Faye E. Cox Teghan E. Gregson
Katelyn M. Campos Courtney L. Deavers Cade S. Harris
Rachel S. Chapin Peyton M. Fewell Matthew P. Hayden
Anna R. Hairston Zachary T. Helmburg
Briana N. Chappell Ashley M. Hamm Jenna A. Hoffmann
Emily A. Church* Allison C. Haskell Katherine P. Jessup
Karlie M. Colburn* Amber R. Heinemeyer Lydia M. Klein
Sara N. Coshatt* Haleigh E. Ingle Isabelle O. Landrem
Abigail G. Curry Abby K. Jones

Caitlin Kinder

Elizabeth M. Lestrange
Shea M. Darienzo Alonza F. Klopfer Matthew B. Lipham
Danielle N. Davis Meagan L. Massey Allison M. Long
Jared A. Edge Nicole E. May Ann B. Long
Olivia R. Estes Julie A. McAdory Emily P. Lukehart
Amanda J. Ferrito* Sydney Mello Alexander G. Maluda
Leanna M. French* Karmen R. Mims Lisa M. Martin
Leah N. Fritz Marissa C. Mirsky Payton M. McFry
Faryn L. Fryer Lauren M. Morris Matthew J. Mitchell
Abigail K. Gleason* Hannah W. Murphy Madison E. Nickel
Sierra M. Glover

Gillian Gray

Hannah J. Oliver Thomas J. Nowak
Victoria L. Greer Ganon C. Pointer Megan E. Osber
Anna H. Gruchot Annika P. Rainey Kelsey E. Patton
Shelby B. Harris Joshua R. Reid Samuel D. Raper
Allyson N. Hayes Alexis S. Smith Milana M. Reynolds
Emma K. Hickman Christian N. Starling Gregory B. Ritter
Mollie C. Hudson Jennifer C. Stuck

Emilia Stuart

Madeline L. Short
Abby J. Ingle Alexandra E. Svenson Catherine A. Sisson
Emma G. Jones Andrew P. Tyler Brynna Snyder

Allison N. Spinner

Caitlynne R. Keating Julia M. Versace Nicholas A. Staffieri
Rebecca R. Kilpatrick* Zachary S. Wheeler Kylee J. Stapp
Amanda Y. Kim Sophia L. Wilhite Sarah G. Tomlinson
Courtney S. King

Makailynn LaGrone

Eva K. Young Sarah M. Tonsmeire
Kate L. Light Alexis R. Wardell
Carson B. Lindsey Maia E. Wilk
Jason J. Logan Kevin D. Zimmerman
Meredith L. Logan Jamie E. Zinman
Gabrielle L. Luczyszyn
Meagan J. Lynn
Delaney J. Martin
Carly F. Mcphail
Lauren T. Metcalf*
Katie Mier*

Anna C. Miller

Tess E .Miller
Riley B. Montgomery
Olivia C. Moody*
Caitlin C. Murray
Ashley A. Musso
Abby C. Nelson*
Katherine E. Osborne
Isabelle M. Page*
Sarah E. Peters
Hannah E. Price
Lindsay E. Pugh*
Francesca Rascati

Jordan C. Rooks

Ellie I. Schulman
Brianna A. Smith
Sarah C. Smith
Jacie L. Thurman*
Mary S. Tipton
Ashlyn D. Toxey*
Anna C. Tucker
Kira M. Valentine
Nika M. Valentine*
Kimmee Vernelson
Alexandria T. Wachal
Carroll A. Woods*
Sydney E. Wyatt

Research, Teaching, and Service Awards (

Most Outstanding Student Awards

Curriculum & Instruction

  • Early Childhood Education (Undergraduate): Taylor Sullivan
  • Elementary Education (Undergraduate): Bailey Stidham
  • Elementary Research (Graduate):  Qi Si & Isabela Queiroz De Jesus
  • Elementary Service (Graduate): Melissa Walton
  • Elementary Teaching (Graduate: Erin Rich
  • English as a Second Language: Kate Riker
  • Literacy (Graduate): Courtney Dilgard
  • Secondary English Language Arts (Undergraduate): Olivia Moody
  • Secondary English Language Arts (Graduate): Mary Franke Beacham
  • Secondary Foreign Language (Undergraduate): Riley Doyle
  • Secondary Mathematics (Undergraduate): Matthew Lipham
  • Secondary Mathematics (Graduate): Tye Campbell
  • Secondary Science (Undergraduate): Cailtin Murray
  • Secondary Science (Graduate): Rachael Tawbush
  • Secondary Social Science (Undergraduate): Ellie Schulman
  • Secondary Social Science (Graduate): Amy Ledermann

Educational Leadership, Policy, & Technology Studies

  • Educational Leadership—Ph.D.: Lynetta Ruffin
  • Educational Leaderhsip—Ed.D.: Russell Waits
  • Educational Leadership—Ed.S.: Russell Leonard
  • Educational Leadership—M.A.: Martha Gardner
  • Higher Education Administration—Research (Ph.D.): Angela Johnson
  • Higher Education Administration—Service (Ph.D.): Amon Neely
  • Higher Education Administration—Teaching (Ph.D.): Paton Roden
  • Higher Education Administration—Exec. Ed.D.: Jennifer Schroeder
  • Higher Education Administration—Ed.D.: Brittney Gregg
  • Higher Education Administration—M.A.: Kayla Ballard & Rachel Self
  • Higher Education Administration—Teaching Certificate: Ragan Chastain & Tarsha Patterson
  • Higher Education Administration—Service (M.A.): Alexandra Bushery
  • Instructional Technology—Ph.D.: John Walker
  • Instructional Technology—Innovation (Ph.D.): Mallori Crockett
  • Instructional Technology—Research (Ph.D.): Jiaqi Yu
  • Instructional Technology—M.A.: Kristi Collins
  • Instructional Technology—Certificate: Kimberley Williams
  • Social and Cultural Studies—Ph.D.: Shelly Melchior

Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, & Counseling

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Ariana Quick
  • Counselor Education: Sylvia Hollins
  • Educational Psychology: Kaitlyn May
  • Qualitative Research: Boden Robertson
  • Quantitative Research: Yuan Ge
  • Rehabilitation Counseling: Kayli Seagraves & Theresa Sepulveda
  • School Counseling: David Vogt & Regan Caldwell
  • School Psychology: Kimberleigh Daniels


  • Exercise Science—Ph.D.: Togy Zagdsuren
  • Exercise Science—M.A.: Morgan Jones
  • Exercise Science (Undergraduate): Emilia Stuart
  • Sport Management (Graduate): Tristan Elwes
  • Sport Pedagogy (Graduate): Jamie Brunsdon
  • Physical Education Teacher Education (Undergraduate): Riley White

Music Education

  • Choral Music (Undergraduate): Isabelle Page
  • Instrumental Music (Undergraduate): Rebecca Roberts
  • Instrumental Music (Graduate): Brooke Mason

Special Education & Multiple Abilities

  • Collaborative Teacher (Undergraduate): Faryn Fryer
  • Collaborative Teacher (Graduate): Allison Morrill
  • Collaborative Teacher—Multiple Abilities Program Cohort (Graduate): Amber Kadel
  • Gifted and Talented (Graduate): Megan Brannan-Pierce
  • Early Childhood Special Education (Undergraduate): Taylor Metcalf
  • Multiple Abilities Program (Undergraduate): Anna Gruchot
  • CrossingPoints Certificate in Occupational Studies (CCOS): Oliva Woo Baker

Graduate Research, Teaching, & Service Awards

Outstanding Research by a Doctoral Student

Tye G. Campbell

Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student

Melissa W. Walton

Most Outstanding Thesis

Annie Mulholland

Effect of Work-To-Rest Cycles on Cardiovascular Drift and Maximal Oxygen Uptake During Heat Stress

M. Ray Loree Most Outstanding Dissertation (tie)

Dr. Christopher A. Walters

A Quantitative Analysis of Mediated Moderation towards Improving STEM Student Outcomes through School Leadership, School Culture, and Pedagogical Approaches

Dissertation Chair:  Dr. Jingping Sun

M. Ray Loree Most Outstanding Dissertation (tie)

Dr. Wesley B. Webber

Stereotyping and Its Possible Association with Aspects of Mindfulness and Multicultural Counseling Competence in Graduate Students in Mental Health Fields

Dissertation Chairs:  Drs. Joy J. Burnham and Firat Soylu

Recognition for Excellence in Dissertation Research

Dr. Andrew Maxey

Exploring the Complexity of Teaching: A Descriptive “Snapshot” of the Act and Process of Teaching in Public Education

Chair: Dr. Vivian Wright

Dissertation Research – Honorable Mention

Dr. Anne Murray

Mapping De/territorializing Literary Encounters in ELA Classroom Assemblages

Chair: Dr. Karen Spector

Departmental & Honor Society Awards

Janice Bargdill Wilson Award for Excellence in Teaching with Children’s Literature

This award honors the late WilsonAssistant Professor of Elementary Education by recognizing an undergraduate elementary education student who has exhibited excellence in teaching through the use of children’s literature.

Lauren Van Fleet

Judy L. Bonner Award for Nurse Educator of the Year

This award honors Bonner for her leadership in the development of the interdisciplinary Ed.D. for Nurse Educators. The recipient of the award has evidenced the traits of integrity, enthusiasm, and creative leadership.

Jennifer Roye, MSN, RN, CHSE, CNE

George H. Stopp Academic Achievement Award

Established by George Stopp, Jr., in memory of his father, George Stopp, Professor of Recreation, this award is presented to a student in the Department of Kinesiology who has achieved the highest GPA as a senior.

Kira Valentine

The University of Alabama Adapted Athletics Academic Award

This award recognizes a student who is a member of Adapted Athletics for their academic achievements.

Katharina Lang

Jasper Harvey Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies

Harvey, the first Professor of Special Education in Alabama, was hired in 1959 to design the College’s Special Education programs, which he directed from 1959 to 1969.

Caitlin Bresnahan

Tommy Russell Award for Excellence in Doctoral Studies

Russell, Professor of Special Education, was the recipient of the first doctorate in special education awarded at the Capstone (1963) and he chaired the program in cognitive disabilities from 1968 – 1996.

Ashley Virgin

Stephen A. Willard Memorial Award

Willard, Professor of Special Education, was the director of the special education program and founder of the Hackberry Summer Camp program for persons with disabilities.

Elizabeth Stewart

Kappa Delta Pi Award Distinguished Undergraduate Scholar

This award is presented to the graduating senior with the highest cumulative grade point average.

Abigail Gleason