The Office of Expanded Learning and Community Supports will host a statewide initiative that provides technical assistance and research in expanded learning, after school programming and summer learning. The Office assists in ensuring Alabama youth, families, and communities have access to high quality programming during out-of-school, after school and summer learning which promotes positive development and life-long learning. As we work to develop strong statewide systems of support for high-quality out-of-school time (OST) programming, we have taken steps to ensure our efforts are instrumental and successful. We are pleased to announce the Alabama Afterschool Community Network (ALACN) has positioned itself to further expand across our state by partnering with the recently established Office of Expanded Learning and Community Supports. Felicia Simpson is the Director of the Office of Expanded Learning and Community Supports. She has been working with K12 educators and afterschool programming for the past twenty-three years. In her previous role, she served as Partnership Coordinator in the College of Education and Director of Community Outreach & Engagement for ALACN.