The College also values the public engagement with the professional community at large, especially as it relates to bringing improvements to schools, families, and communities.  We aim to

  • Strengthen and support faculty service to the research community;
  • Promote public engagement and outreach by faculty and staff; and
  • Establish partnerships with key local and state constituencies.

You will find here the forward-thinking initiatives of the College of Education that encompass and promote the health and education of its community.


The Early Learning Initiative at Gadsden First Class Pre-K Classrooms

The University of Alabama Gadsden Early Learning Initiative (ELI) is an inclusive diverse program designed to meet the needs of the community. The ELI strives to promote evidence based practices and high-quality early learning for all children by a) providing a model of care and education for young children and b) serving as a site to advance in-service and pre-service educator professional development and research in early childhood education.

Office of School Partnerships

The vision for Office of School Partnerships is a collaborative network of partners that exist to promote innovation in area schools. Our partners include Tuscaloosa City Schools, Tuscaloosa County Schools, the UA / UWA Regional In-Service Center, and other various community partners. Our office fosters partnerships by building upon the service and outreach mission of the College of Education at The University of Alabama. 

Summer Enrichment Workshop for Gifted and Talented Students

Summer Enrichment Workshop (SEW) is an annual program for gifted and talented students sponsored by the Multiple Abilities Program in Special Education at The University of Alabama.

Gadsden Center

The Gadsden Center focuses on outreach and community engagement providing a resource hub for state and local agencies. 

Alabama Expanded Learning Alliance

Established with the support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Alabama Expanded Learning Alliance is one of the 50 national afterschool networks dedicated to informing policy, developing partnerships, and shaping practices to sustain and increase the quality of afterschool programs nationwide.

Afterschool Alliance

The Afterschool Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of afterschool programs and advocating for quality, affordable programs for all children. Creating more afterschool programs, increasing program quality and moving toward long-term sustainability requires building strong public will in support of afterschool and expanded learning. The Afterschool Alliance was created to conduct this public awareness and advocacy work and to serve as a national voice for afterschool and expanded learning.

Office of International Programs

The College of Education has provided educational opportunities to American-sponsored overseas schools through the Office of International Programs since 1966.

James P. Curtis Distinguished Lecture Series

The James P. Curtis Distinguished Lecture Series was created by the Capstone Education Society to bring an educator or public figure to the campus each year to lecture about contemporary education issues. It was named in honor of Dr. James P. Curtis, a faculty member in the College for 23 years. During his service as Professor of Administration and Educational Leadership and Assistant Dean of the Bureau of Educational Services and Research, Curtis influenced the lives and careers of countless students who have become prominent educators.

Julie C. Laible Memorial Lecture Series on Anti-Racist Scholarship, Education and Social Activism

The Julie Laible Memorial Lecture Series on Anti-Racist Scholarship, Education and Social Activism honors the memory of Julie C. Laible, who was an assistant professor in the College  when she was killed unexpectedly in 1999.  Laible was known for her community involvement through such programs as the Community Anti-Racial Group, which she helped found, as well as Aid to Inmate Mothers. Her research concentrated on methods to better education for young minorities.