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The Early Childhood Special Education major leads to dual teacher certification in early childhood special education (birth–3rd grade) and general early childhood education (preschool–3rd grade).  Students learn about cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of young children and best practices for collaborating with families and professionals who play an important role in children’s learning.  Experiential learning activities are provided for students through the Office of Clinical Experiences.  These programs provide opportunities in both home and school settings for students to work with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary children who have a broad range of special needs.

Program Coordinator:  Dr. Ragan McLeod



Dr. Yusuf Akamoglu

Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Special Education

1811 Capital Hall

Dr. Ragan McLeod

Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Special Education
Capital Hall

Dr. Ashley Cawley

Assistant Clinical Professor, Early Childhood Special Education
1809 Capital Hall