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The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching is a 12-credit (4-course) sequence designed to help graduate students in a variety of professional settings and disciplines who seek to enhance their understanding of teaching and learning issues for adult learners, particularly at institutions of higher education. Students who participate in the certificate program will have exposure to theory, research, and practice related to the professoriate and to teaching and learning in higher education. The intent of the Graduate Certificate is to assist professionals in responding to the increasingly complex and diversifying social and cultural contexts for adult learners. Students who complete the Certificate will have it listed on their transcripts.

The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching is designed to help you:

  • Clarify your goals related to student learning
  • Develop knowledge of and skills for using effective instructional methods
  • Improve your capacity for assessing student learning
  • Understand the characteristics of the United States professoriate and what it means to be a member of it.

Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university and 18 graduate semester hours in a teaching discipline or professional field (the latter may be earned concurrently with the Certificate)
  • Acceptance to the certificate program by the Graduate School and department faculty
  • Minimum Required Hours: 12

Application Process

  • Apply to the Graduate School.  Select the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching when applying.
  • Include your Statement of Purpose focusing on the student’s goals in pursuing a Graduate Certificate in College Teaching.
  • Time Limit: 4 Years.

Program Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching involves coursework in The United States Professoriate and in College and University Teaching. Moreover, students take an elective related to a specific area of interest. Finally, students participate in a mentored teaching experience. The coursework is as follows:

  • AHE 603 College and University Teaching
  • AHE 602 Problems in Higher Education: The United States Professoriate
  • Elective. Students will select an elective related to college teaching, such as AHE 607 Student Development Theory 1, AHE 610 Academic Cultures and Learning in Academe, or AHE 644 Academic Program Development and Evaluation in Higher Education. Upon prior approval by the program director of the Teaching Certificate program, a student may elect a college-teaching related course offered by another program at The University of Alabama. To be used as an elective, a course must have a clear focus on college teaching and likely be focused on teaching within a specific discipline. Several examples are PY 695 Teaching of Psychology Practicum, BER 672 Teaching Educational Research, and BEP 672 Teaching Educational Psychology. Any of these would be an acceptable substitute for the elective.
  • AHE 688 Mentored Teaching in Higher Education