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The College of Education’s graduate degrees focus on teacher education, counseling, school psychology, educational leadership, kinesiology, exercise science, instructional technology, higher education, and others.

Major – A major is an academic program of study within a degree designation. It is that part of a degree program consisting of a specified number of hours from a defined group of courses in a primary discipline or field. Students are expected to acquire some mastery of a particular discipline or interdisciplinary area as well as to achieve a breadth of intellectual experience. A completed major is shown on a student’s transcript but not the diploma.

A major must comprise a minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework specified by the academic department.

Track/Concentration– A concentration is an approved set of courses within a major that define a specialty area or specific field of study. Concentrations may also be referred to by departments as “Specializations,” “Tracks,” or “Options.” Unless specified by the unit offering the major, a concentration is not required. A completed concentration is displayed on a student’s transcript, but not the diploma.

A concentration must be comprised of 9-18 semester hours of coursework specified by the department.