The Accelerated Master’s Program was developed collaboratively (mathematics department, mathematics education program faculty, and the Alabama State Department of Education) to provide advanced undergraduates and high school graduates, the opportunity to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education Mathematics with initial teaching certification at the Master’s degree level (Alabama Class-A).  By utilizing the power of our traditional undergraduate program coursework, as well as the coursework for our alternative Master’s degree certification program (both nationally recognized by NCTM SPA), we developed a program that uses the University of Alabama’s Accelerated Master’s Program format that allows advanced students to earn both degrees in as little as four years.

We encourage those interested to first read the traditional undergraduate certification program page and the alternative master’s degree program page, as this SEMA AMP pathway follows both sets of requirements.  The dual counting of undergraduate and graduate courses (up to 15 hours) through the University of Alabama’s AMP program allows students the opportunity after 90 credit hours have been earned, to be dual-enrolled in graduate and undergraduate level courses.

There are many parameters for this AMP pathway, it assumes high performing students can reach higher benchmarks on programmatic components and licensure examinations.  Students must maintain a higher GPA than the traditional undergraduate and alternative master’s certification programs.  Students who enter UA with many dual enrollment and/or AP college credits can consider this pathway in four years.  Students with high academic credentials and GPAs can pursue this pathway, but if very few college credits were earned in high school, it will require either summer coursework or more than four years to finish both degrees.  Please reach out to Dr. Zelkowski for interest in the SEMA AMP pathway to two degrees.

The ideal candidates for this program hold a 3.5 college GPA or higher, earned 15 or more college credits while in high school, and posted strong ACT scores (e.g. 28 composite, 30 mathematics).  These are not required marks, but serve as a good benchmark for those considering this pathway to an initial teaching license in grades 6-12 mathematics.

**UA Presidential Scholars may use their tuition scholarship for both undergraduate and graduate coursework semesters.  Finish both degrees in eight semesters!

Admission Requirements

Students may start the AMP program once they have earned 90 or more undergraduate hours. Typically, this would mean that an AMP student will apply to the Graduate School in the final semester of their junior year.

At the time of application they must have overall undergraduate grade point averages of not less than 3.3 in all courses (or higher if required by their program). Many programs require a higher GPA for admission and/or do not permit the full 15 hours to dual-count (see table).

Permission to take graduate courses will be granted by the Graduate School if the student has met the criteria above as well as other minimum requirements for graduate admission. Upon admission to the Graduate School, an AMP student will begin a program of study leading to the master’s or doctoral degree, as approved by his or her department and by the dean of the Graduate School.

It is advised that prospective AMP students meet with the Graduate Program Director for their prospective AMP program at the beginning of their junior year. Programs may have specific coursework requirements and graduate class prerequisites for which an AMP student must be prepared.

Benefits to Students

  • If starting teaching in Alabama, beginning salary is 15% higher (currently) than undergraduate initially certified teachers
  • Additional graduate level study of mathematics education and classroom teaching practices and student learning
  • Engagement with faculty at the graduate level for study which may include advanced opportunities for research
  • Rewarded for excellence in high school (AP and dual enrollment credits) and dedication at the college level to pursue two degrees in 4-5 years depending on needs.

Application Process

Please apply online for graduate study at the Graduate School’s website.  Interested persons with restrictions that prevent the use of our online application or who have questions about applications should contact The University of Alabama, Graduate School, Box 870118, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0118; telephone (205) 348-5921 or 1-877-UAGRADS; fax (205) 348-0400; or e-mail gradschool@ua.edu.

Program Requirements

  • 90 earned undergraduate credits (to start, may apply in semester prior to earning)
  • 3.3 GPA in all undergraduate coursework
  • 3.3 GPA in mathematics major coursework
  • 3.25 GPA in graduate education coursework
  • 160 Praxis II score
  • 43 edTPA score
  • Passed comprehensive exam