The University of Alabama’s literacy education program offers a rigorous post graduate certificate in Literacy Pedagogy, Theory, and Practice taught through a sequence of literacy courses facilitated by dedicated specialists in literacy. Further, the certificate program is designed to provide graduates with a body of knowledge in literacy pedagogy, theory, and practice that is central to their own field and research lines of inquiry.

Literacy Education Program Coordinator: Dr. Latrise Johnson

Admission Process

    • Apply through the Graduate School’s On-Line Application Center (Certificates—Graduate Non-Degree Certificates)
    • Select the Literacy Pedagogy, Theory, & Practice Certificate Program when applying.
    • After submitting your application, please email your Statement of Purpose and a Writing Sample to Ms. Becca Langford at relangford@ua.edu.

General Requirements

  • Student must have a Master’s degree and be accepted to the Literacy Pedagogy, Theory & Practice non-degree certificate program by the Graduate School and departmental faculty.
  • Applications will consist of evidence of having a Master’s degree, a statement of purpose, and a writing sample.
  • Student must complete a minimum of 15 required hours.
  • Certificate completion will be monitored by certificate program administrators.
  • See certificate completion requirement coursework below.

Certificate Requirements

Students must enroll in 12 hours from the courses below and one additional advisor approved elective (3 credit hour course)from other departments across campus.

Examples include but are not limited to the departments of English, Communication, Anthropology and Psychology (e.g., EN 618 Language in Cultural Contexts; EN 654 Seminar in Visual and Digital Rhetoric; CIS Seminar in Cultural Critical and Rhetorical Studies).

  • CRD 653 – Foundations of Literacy: Theory and Research 3 hours (required by all enrolled students)
  • CSE 690 – Advanced Seminar in Secondary Education 3 hours (certificate advisor approved)
  • CEE 690 – Advanced Seminar in Elementary Education 3 hours (certificate advisor approved)
  • CRD 690 – Advanced Literacy Seminar in Research 3 hours
  • CIE 627 – Second Language Literacy 3 hours
  • CIE 606 – New Literacies 3 hours
  • CIE 609 – Discourse & Pedagogy 3 hours

Plan of Study for Literacy Certificate