Secondary Education

Programs in secondary education focus on content areas such as math, science, English, foreign languages, and social science in conjunction with pedagogy with regard to students in 6th-12th grades.

Secondary Program Coordinator: Dr. Karen Spector



ProgramProgram CoordinatorsAdvisorsEmails
Secondary EducationDr. Karen
English for Speakers of Other LanguagesDr. Miguel
English Language ArtsDr. Karen Spector
Dr. Latrise Johnson
Foreign LanguagesDr. Miguel
LiteracyDr. Julianne Coleman
Dr. Christina Brommer
MathematicsDr. Jeremy
Science (General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)Dr. Jonathan Shemwell
Dr. Shannon Davidson
Social Science (General Social Science, History, Political Science)Dr. Liza Wilson
Dr. Cory Callahan
Overseas Programs (Elementary MA and Secondary MA)Dr. Joy
Doctoral ProgramsDr. Miguel

Elementary and Secondary Master’s Comprehensive Exams and Forms


Dr. Cory Callahan

Associate Professor, Secondary Social Science

Dr. Shannon Davidson

Assistant Professor, Secondary Science

Dr. Latrise Johnson

Associate Professor, Secondary English Language Arts

Dr. Miguel Mantero

Professor, Educational Linguistics

Dr. Lisa Matherson

Clinical Assistant Professor, Secondary Social Science

Dr. Jonathan Shemwell

Associate Professor, Secondary Science Education

Dr. Tori Smith

Assistant Professor, Secondary Social Studies Education

Dr. Karen Spector

Associate Professor, Secondary English Language Arts

Dr. Casedy Thomas

Assistant Professor, Secondary Math Education

Dr. Liza Wilson

Professor, Secondary Social Science

Dr. Jeremy Zelkowski

Associate Professor, Secondary Mathematics


Ms. Becca Langford

Elementary and Secondary Program Assistant

Hailey Ray

Office Associate II, Secondary Programs

Mr. Stephen Smith

C& I Faculty and Grant Support