The Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research is a 15-credit course sequence that integrates theoretical knowledge with practical application, and field-based experience. Students who complete the certificate will have developed the methodological expertise and background necessary to be recognized as an emerging scholar in the field of qualitative inquiry. Though this certificate is housed in the College of Education, students from all disciplines are welcome to apply.

Admission Process

  • Apply through the Graduate School’s Online Application Center (Certificates- Graduate Non-Degree Certificates).
  • Select the Qualitative Research Certificate Program when applying.
  • After submitting your application, please email your Statement of Purpose and a Writing Sample to Suzanne Gibson (swgibson3@ua.edu).

Program Requirements

  • BER 631 Inquiry as Interpretation: Qualitative Research I
  • BER 632 Reflexivity & Resistance in Research (Re)Presentations: Qualitative Research II
  • BER 633 Ethics & Aesthetics: Qualitative Research III
  • BER 687 Field Experience
  • 6 Hours of other BER qualitative courses (e.g., BER 630 Case Study, BER 634 Narrative Inquiry, BER 690 Readings in Educational Research, BER 695 Special Topics)
  • Capstone Presentation
  • Certificate Course Planning Worksheet

More Information



Dr. Kelly Guyotte

Associate Professor, Qualitative Research
306E Carmichael Hall

Dr. Stephanie Anne Shelton

Assistant Professor, Qualitative Research
308 Carmichael