Facebook Groups

Digital Learning 101

Created by Dr. Lisa Fowler (mfowler@ua.edu)

Teachers and parents from all over the country have joined, and Dr. Fowler’s former students and teachers sharing resources.  Her undergraduate pre-service teachers are submitting videoed lessons to the site for use by teachers and parents.

Parenting During a Pandemic 

Created by Dr. Cailin Kerch (cjkerch@ua.edu)

Provide support and strategies to navigate distance learning, working from home, supporting children

Alabama Positive Behavior Support

Created by Dr. Sara McDaniel (scmcdaniel@ua.edu)

Providing at-home behavioral support for families and educators moving to virtual. Also creating content for international organization, Association for Positive Behavior Support (facebook) and posting on Alabama Positive Behavior Support facebook page


Alabama Colleagues Offering Resources 4 Education (ACORE): Alabama PK-16 educators. Gather, vet, curate resources. Provide consultative support to schools/districts. Support world-class online/virtual/distance learning.

Faculty Resources


PE with Joe


Dr. Jon Shemwell (jtshemwell@ua.edu):  Providing ideas for whole-community inquiry science for Tuscaloosa City/Magnet Middle


Dr. Cailin Kerch (cjkerch@ua.edu): Conducting ‘Online Tutoring’ under instructor/professor approval with 65+ families across the nation, many from Alabama from April 1- April 24


Dr. Brenda Mendiola (bjmendiola@ua.edu):  FILA – Future Instructional Leaders Academy in collaboration with Tuscaloosa City Schools


Dr. Carol Donovan (cdonovan@ua.edu): Reading support

Dr. Tracey Hodges (thodges@ua.edu): Providing digital resources; continuing professional development; providing support via email


Jeremy Zelkowski (jzelkowski@ua.edu): Meetings with SEMA alumni online Zoom community about every 10 days

Professional Teacher Development/Resources

AMSTI/ASIM Physics. Contact: Julie Covin (jcovin@ua.edu):  AMSTI/ASIM Physics is supporting teachers with resources for distance learning.

Alabama Science in Motion. Contact: Lisa Clark (lclark@ua.edu):  Meeting via Zoom, text, phone, and/or email with Region 4 high school teachers to discuss their needs, etc.; Compiling clearinghouse of resources shared with teachers electronically (lessons, curricular materials to support distance learning assignments)

Belser-Parton Literacy Center: Contact Dr. Carol Donovan (cdonovan@ua.edu):  Provided approx. 2,000 books for distribution with the school lunch pick up to Tuscaloosa City and Tuscaloosa County and Boys/Girls Club.  B&G club also received books as well as robots, tablets and chromebooks for loan for their daycare for essential workers. We have offered virtual tutoring/reading