Picture of Tracey HodgesPicture of Julianne ColemanPicture of Holly SwainA team of researchers, primarily from UA (including two doctoral students), has been awarded a 2020 Literati Award through Emerald Publishing. The paper entitled “Elementary Classroom Libraries and Social Studies Trade Books,” was published in Social Studies Research and Practice and was identified as a Highly Commended Paper, indicating it was one of the most exceptional papers published in the journal in 2019. This work explored the prevalence of social studies trade books in classroom libraries across five states and the inclusion of those books in both high-performing and low-performing (based on reading achievement) schools.

The Outstanding Paper Awards have been the backbone of the Emerald Literati Awards for Excellence. The winners are chosen by a journal editorial team giving the winning authors confidence in knowing that their paper was one of the most impressive pieces of work from the previous year.

The team (picture L to R) included Dr. Tracey Hodges (The University of Alabama), Dr. Katherine Wright (Boise State University), Dr. Julianne Coleman (The University of Alabama), Dr. Holly Swain (The University of Alabama), Claire Schweiker (graduate student, The University of Alabama), and Behzad Mansouri (former graduate student, The University of Alabama).

Hodges, T. S., Wright, K. L., Coleman, J. M., Swain, H. H., * Schweiker, C., & * Mansouri, B.  (2019). Elementary classroom libraries and social studies trade books. Social Studies Research and Practice. doi: 10.1108/ssrp-11-2018-0041.