University policies for Campus Events:

Below are a few highlights from the University’s policies, please review the entire document before hosting an event.

  • All COE faculty and staff events need to be approved by the Provost of Academic Affairs. A detailed Covid-19 plan will need to be created and sent to Dr. Dalton for approval.
  • COE departments need to notify the COE Events Coordinator no more than two weeks prior to an event, so we ensure everything is done correctly and the College is aware that an event is happening.
  • If you are planning to host an outdoor event, you will need to fill out a Grounds Use Permit and send it to along with the approved covid-19 plan to
  • If you are planning to serve alcohol at your event, you will need to fill out a Request to Serve Alcohol form Request to Serve Alcohol Form, and send it to Karla Nicholson at along with your approved Grounds Use Permit.
  • Size limits will be enforced for in-person student and academic events (e.g., invited speakers, socials, etc.):
  • On-campus indoor events may include no more than 50 individuals
  • On-campus outdoor events may include no more than 100 individuals
  • Attendance limits necessarily depend on the space that is scheduled and may only allow for smaller gatherings. Contact Michelle Estes at for room reservations and capacity information.
  • For off-campus, approved events, capacity should be aligned with the venue and all applicable health and safety protocols, but no more than 150 attendees at any one time
  • Off-campus student events are prohibited, unless approved by the VPSL.
  • Out of town student events are prohibited.