Admission to a Teacher Education Program (TEP)

Year 3

Students must be formally admitted to the TEP before beginning their third year of study. Applications are distributed in MUE 389 by the Office of Student Services. Students who meet the criteria may apply for admission to the teacher certification program. However, meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee admission to TEP.

Professional Courses Requiring Unconditional TEP Admission

Per the BSE program filed with the Alabama State Department of Education, Unconditional TEP Admission is required to take the following Professional MUE Courses.

MUE 350 Evaluation for Teaching and Learning in Music
MUE 387 Elementary School Music Program
MUS 447 Teaching Choral Music in the Public Schools
MUS 448 Teaching Inst. Music in the Public Schools
MUE 497 Internship in Music (P-12)

Music Education TEP Requirements (partial list)

    1. Pass Sophomore Qualify Exam
    2. Pass MUE 389 with C or above
    3. Pass MUE 200 with C or above
    4. Pass MUS 215 with C or above
    5. Pass Math 110 or higher with C or above
    6. Complete the “Music Education Department Am I Ready for TEP Admission Form?”
    7. Write a narrative essay (no shorter than 2 pages and no longer than 3 pages) explaining why you would like to be a public-school music teacher.

General Requirements

      1. A minimum grade point average of 2.75 must be met and maintained for admission. UA and overall GPAs of 2.75 are required. The GPA in the teaching field must remain at least 2.75. In professional studies courses, the GPA must be at least 2.75 with no grade lower than C. Transfer students must have the required GPA on all coursework taken at this institution and overall coursework (UA and transfer work).
      2. EN 101 English Composition and EN 102 English Composition or EN 103 Advanced English Composition with credit for EN 101 English Composition; Students must have a grade of a C or higher in the coursework.
      3. BEP 305 Educational Psychology or BEF 360 Social Psychol Foundtns Educ or BEP 360 Social Psychol Foundtns Educ; Students must have a grade of a C or higher in the coursework.
      4. Students must have a grade of a C or higher in an approved public-speaking course.
      5. Students must successfully complete at least 60 semester hours, including at least 41 hours of general studies. Students must not have exceeded 120 semester hours.
      6. Students must successfully complete the pre-professional lab experience in their field of study with a grade of at least a C. Students should check with an academic adviser for the specific departmental course with the lab experience.
      7. The Alabama State Department of Education and the College of Education require all students to be fingerprinted and receive background clearance before admission to TEP. Fingerprinting will be required during the semester of the pre-professional course, and background clearance must be obtained before clinical placements in the schools.
      8. Students must fulfill their departmental writing requirements.
      9. Each admission candidate must complete an interview with at least two faculty members. Speaking skills, knowledge, and abilities based on previous coursework will be the attributes assessed in the interview. The interview evaluation will become part of the application to a TEP.
      10. Appropriate faculty and administrative signatures are required once all criteria have been met.

Admission to a TEP is competitive, and meeting standard criteria do not guarantee admission. Those who meet standard criteria are guaranteed consideration for admission to a teacher preparation program. Admission will be based on evaluations of the applications to identify those applicants who are best qualified and show a strong likelihood of success in their chosen areas.

The evaluations will reveal the relative strengths and weaknesses in each applicant’s credentials in light of the areas in which the applicant wishes to teach and the applicant’s understanding of, and commitment to, teaching as a profession, as well as oral skills, mature judgment and the demeanor necessary to become successful as a teacher. Any applicable test score, subscores, and grades in previous courses should reflect a strong record in the major area of study. A student’s entire application will be evaluated by the faculty, who will make a recommendation to the dean. The dean will make the final decision.

Individuals with college degrees who wish to complete certification programs to teach in public schools or to complete the TEP to qualify for certain graduate programs must meet the admission criteria and follow all application procedures. Students should check with the academic adviser in the Music Education Office  for specific departmental TEP admissions requirements.