This program is designed for students with a strong background in musical study who wish to prepare themselves to teach music in the public school system.  Bringing music into school-aged people’s lives is an exciting and rewarding profession.  The thorough music training offered by the School of Music, the mastery of skills required in music education courses, and the chance to participate in the finest ensembles in the region are opportunities which set the UA music education programs apart from all others.  Graduates of the UA programs are leaders in the profession throughout their careers. The programs in music education require the completion of at least 146 semester hours as specified in this section and lead to the bachelor of science in education degree and the Alabama Class B (P–12) professional certificate.

With permission from the music education department head, BS students in music education may also pursue a second bachelor’s degree in music (BM). This option requires 34–54 additional credit hours to earn a BM degree, depending on the area of focus (e.g., performance, jazz studies, composition or theory). The undergraduate catalog is published annually. Program advising sheets are updated more frequently and are thus likely to provide the most up-to-date information on degree and other requirements. Students should obtain the most recent advising sheets, available from 261 Moody Music Building.

Application Process

Application for entering freshmen, transfers and international students.  Please visit http://gobama.ua.edu/apply/.

Admission to a Teacher Education Program (TEP)

Students must be formally admitted to a TEP. Applications are available through the Office of Student Services located at 104 Carmichael Hall. Students who meet the following criteria may apply for admission to the teacher certification program in their area of study. However, meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee admission to TEP.

  1. A minimum grade point average of 2.75 must be met and maintained for admission. UA and overall GPAs of 2.75 are required. The GPA in the teaching field must remain at least 2.75. In professional studies courses, the GPA must be at least 2.75 with no grade lower than C. Transfer students must have the required GPA on all coursework taken at this institution as well as overall coursework (UA and transfer work).
  2. EN 101 English Composition and EN 102 English Composition or EN 103 Advanced English Composition with credit for EN 101 English Composition; Students must have a grade of a C or higher in the coursework.
  3. BEP 305 Educational Psychology or BEF 360 Social Psychol Foundtns Educ or BEP 360 Social Psychol Foundtns Educ; Students must have a grade of a C or higher in the coursework.
  4. Students must have a grade of a C or higher in an approved public-speaking course.
  5. Students must successfully complete at least 60 semester hours, including at least 41 hours of general studies. Students must not have exceeded 120 semester hours.
  6. Students must successfully complete the pre-professional lab experience in their field of study with a grade of at least a C. Students should check with an academic adviser for the specific departmental course with the lab experience.
  7. The Alabama State Department of Education and the College of Education require all students to be fingerprinted and receive background clearance prior to admission to TEP. Fingerprinting will be required during the semester of the pre-professional course, and background clearance must be obtained prior to clinical placements in the schools.
  8. Students must fulfill their departmental writing requirements.
  9. Each candidate for admission must successfully complete an interview with at least two faculty members. Speaking skills and knowledge and abilities based on previous coursework will be among the attributes assessed in the interview. The interview evaluation will become part of the application to a TEP.
  10. Appropriate faculty and administrative signatures are required once all criteria have been met.

Admission to a TEP is competitive and meeting standard criteria does not guarantee admission. Those who meet standard criteria are guaranteed consideration for admission to a teacher preparation program. Admission will be based on evaluations of the applications to identify those applicants who are best qualified and who show strong likelihood of success in their chosen areas. The evaluations will reveal the relative strengths and weaknesses in each applicant’s credentials in light of the areas in which the applicant wishes to teach and the applicant’s understanding of, and commitment to, teaching as a profession, as well as oral skills, mature judgment and the demeanor necessary to become successful as a teacher. Any applicable test score, or subscore, and grades in previous courses should reflect a strong record in the major area of study. A student’s entire application will be evaluated by appropriate members of the faculty who will make a recommendation to the dean. The dean will make the final decision.

Individuals who hold college degrees and wish to complete certification programs to teach in the public schools or to complete a TEP in order to qualify for certain graduate programs must meet the admission criteria and must follow all application procedures. Students should check with academic advisers in the office of Student Services for specific departmental TEP admissions requirements.

Program Requirements

Internship Requirements

After successfully completing all required coursework, each student is screened for placement in an internship. The teaching internship (formerly called student teaching) is one of the most important experiences a College of Education student has. It is generally regarded as the culminating activity of one’s preparation to become a teacher. At The University of Alabama, the internship is a full-semester, full-time assignment and must be taken in residence.

Both undergraduate and alternative (nontraditional, fifth-year) students must file internship applications with the Office of Clinical Experiences in 101 Graves Hall during the semester preceding the semester of the planned internships. The application process begins by attending a mandatory application session, which is held at 4 p.m. in 118 Graves Hall on the first Wednesday in October for spring-semester interns and the first Wednesday in March for fall-semester interns.

A student may apply to enroll for an internship if the following criteria have been met:

  1. The student must have been admitted to the teacher education program or an alternative (nontraditional, fifth-year) program. Internship applications will not be processed until admission is verified.
  2. The student must have completed all courses in the major or majors prior to the internship or have written permission from the faculty adviser and Department Chair to intern.
  3. The student must have earned a minimum grade point average of 2.75, both for all University of Alabama courses attempted and for all University of Alabama courses and transfer courses combined.
  4. The student must have earned a minimum grade point average of 2.75 in each major, both for University of Alabama courses in each major and for combined University of Alabama courses and transfer courses in each major.
  5. The student must have earned a minimum grade point average of 2.75 for professional education coursework, with no grade below a C in any professional education coursework.
  6. The student must have completed all methods courses and appropriate professional coursework with grades of C or higher.
  7. The student must have removed from the transcript any grade of incomplete (I) recorded in required courses; grades of incomplete are treated as grades of F.
  8. The student must have obtained passing scores on the appropriate Praxis subject assessment(s) for the teaching field.
  9. The student must show mastery of required standards in all courses completed prior to internship, as indicated on the Individualized Standards Assessment Report.

Registration for Internship Credit Hours

Undergraduate students are required to register for the number of internship credit hours specified by their programs. In some programs, an undergraduate student may be allowed to choose a nine-hour registration or a 12-hour registration; course requirements are the same whether nine hours or 12 hours are taken. Students in programs requiring two different internship placements are required to register for two different sections of internship. A student enrolled for an internship must not expect to be enrolled in other courses while interning unless special permission is granted by the department head.

Policy on Internship Placements

All internship placements are coordinated by the College of Education Office of Clinical Experiences. A placement site will be selected in a manner to ensure the quality of the internship experience and of the supervision provided by the cooperating teacher. All internship placements (except for music education) are in the greater Tuscaloosa area in order to facilitate supervision of students by University of Alabama faculty or other designee of the department heads. Placement outside the greater Tuscaloosa area is made only if the Office of Clinical Experiences and/or a department head determine(s) that appropriate local placement is unavailable.

A student may apply for an overseas internship if he or she meets certain criteria and if appropriate placement can be coordinated by the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) and/or The University of Alabama. Applications for overseas internships are taken during January for placements for the next fall semester and in June for placements the succeeding spring semester. Contact the Office of Clinical Experiences in 101 Graves Hall for additional information.

Internship Assignments

Majors who enroll for internships in collaborative teacher education, early childhood special education, elementary education, physical education, English as a second language, foreign language education (P-12) and music education should expect split assignments. Secondary education students who have comprehensive majors may receive a single internship assignment or a split assignment. The multiple abilities program (MAP) requires the student to complete two full semesters of internships.