This program is designed for students with a strong background in music study who wish to prepare themselves to teach music in a public school system.  Bringing music into school-aged people’s lives is an exciting and rewarding profession.  The thorough music training offered by the School of Music, the mastery of skills required in music education courses, and the chance to participate in the finest ensembles in the region are opportunities that set the UA music education programs apart from all others.  Graduates of the UA programs are leaders in the profession throughout their careers. The programs in music education require completing at least 146 semester hours as specified in this section and lead to the bachelor of science in education degree and the Alabama Class B (P–12) professional certificate.

With permission from the music education department head, BS students in music education may also pursue a second bachelor’s degree in music (BM). This option requires 34–54 additional credit hours to earn a BM degree, depending on the area of focus (e.g., performance, jazz studies, composition, or theory). The undergraduate catalog is published annually. Program advising sheets are updated more frequently and are thus likely to provide the most up-to-date information on degree and other requirements. Students should obtain the most recent advising sheets from 261 Moody Music Building, linked below under Program Requirements.

Application & Auditions

Your career as a music education student at The University of Alabama begins with these steps!

1. Apply to be admitted to The University of Alabama.

2.  Request an audition to the School of Music and successfully interview/audition with the appropriate School of Music faculty member(s). Auditions will be scheduled to occur in the studios and performing spaces of the Moody Music Building.

3.  Email the Music Education Office to let us know you are planning on majoring in music education and hope to join us at the Capstone!

4. Email the professor for your instrument to learn about the audition requirements.  The audition should include works with contrasting styles that exhibit musical and technical difficulty appropriate to college music study.

Brass and Winds Faculty

Strings Faculty

Voice Faculty

For singers, the undergraduate audition program should demonstrate the potential understanding of the classical vocal style (i.e., three art songs in the classical style with at least one sung in a foreign language.) However, there are exceptions for music education majors as described on the School of Music, Voice Area Audition website. See https://voice.music.ua.edu/audition/

About Your Audition

Audition dates for each instrument/voice can be found in the Audition Request Forms linked above.

You should plan to spend at least a half-day on campus for an audition. On audition day, you will have the opportunity to meet with faculty and tour the School of Music. Parents are invited to attend as well.

If you cannot audition in person because of distance from campus, you may be asked to audition by submitting a recording. Recorded auditions follow the same format as live auditions. The recording contents should be approved by the instrument instructor before submitting it. You are responsible for contacting the faculty member to ensure your recording includes everything required.


Audition Application
Davie Higginbotham
Admissions & Curricula Coordinator
(205) 348-7112
Music Education Program
Elizabeth Bailey
Music Education Office Assistant
(205) 348-6054

Program General Requirements

These PDFs list courses taken in the respective degree programs. Additional courses and activities are recommended and prescribed by program advisors as needed.

Bama Bound Documents (Incoming Freshman Only)