Admission Requirements

Enrollment is competitive and is limited to those candidates who have met all of the admission standards of The University of Alabama Graduate School and the graduate faculty selection criteria. Admission decisions are made by the Graduate School based on a composite of qualitative and quantitative information, including:

  • statement of purpose
  • letters of recommendation
  • academic standing in previous programs of study
  • relevant professional activities and achievements
  • grade point average (overall and last 60 hours)
  • recommendation of faculty in the area to which the applicant is seeking admission

Each application is considered in the context of other applications to the same area, with due consideration given to availability of space in the program, the need to maintain a pool of students of superior potential, and the diversity goals of the program. Because of the limited number of places in the program, not every student whose credentials meet stated qualitative standards will be admitted. Prospective students are encouraged to apply to The University of Alabama Graduate School for Master of Arts in Kinesiology, coursework focusing on sport administration.

Enrollment is capped to around 30 graduate students.

Admission Timeline

  • Fall Admission – July 15
  • Spring Admission – December 1
  • Summer Admission – April 15

Application Process

Please apply for graduate study at The University of Alabama online at Applicants should submit the following materials to the Graduate School using the online application:

  • Applicant data sheet
  • Statement of purpose (submit under “Kinesiology” )
  • Upload an unofficial transcript from all institutions where the candidate has earned 15 or more hours leading to an undergraduate degree.
  • Application fee of $65.00 (submitted online or by check mailed to the Graduate School)
  • Three original letters of recommendation – the application system allows applicants to enter the names and contact information for recommenders and will automatically generate an email to those recommenders with instructions and a link to upload their own letters.
  • Documentation of relevant professional experience in the sports industry or professional vita or résumé

All materials must be received by the Graduate School before an application will be considered. Applicants must enter “Kinesiology” in the field labeled “specialty” on the online application form.

Before being accepted to the program, applicants will be required to meet the sport administration admission faculty for an interview. Exceptions to the requirements for admission into this graduate program may be made only with approval by the faculty admission committee in sport administration. For further information please contact Dr. John Vincent.

Program Requirements

Coursework is designed to be completed within three to five semesters (12-18 months). Full-time students normally complete the coursework in three consecutive semesters (e.g. fall, spring, & summer). In selected situations, students can take two academic calendar years to complete, which may coincide with graduate assistantship positions in the Athletics Department and University Recreation. Courses are offered through the fall, spring and summer semesters, and the program is designed to be accessible to students who work full-time, with the classes being conveniently offered in the evening.

Required Classes (24 hours)

  • KIN 500 Sociology of Sport (3 hours)
  • KIN 506 Techniques of Research (3 hours)
  • KIN 552 Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport (3 hours)
  • KIN 553 Sport Facility and Event Management (3 hours)
  • KIN 555 Sport Finance (3 hours)
  • KIN 562 Administration of Athletics (3 hours)
  • KIN 585 Field Experience (Practicum in Sport Management) (3 hours)
  • KIN 588 Sport Marketing and the Media (3 hours)

Electives (6 hours)

  • With the prior approval of the program coordinator or advisor students can take 6 credit hours of elective classes relevant to their individual educational and career goals.
  • With the approval of the program coordinator, a thesis option is available.

Course Rotation (as of September 2011):

  • KIN 506 Techniques of Research – fall
  • KIN 553 Sport Facility and Event management – fall
  • KIN 562 Administration in Athletics – fall
  • KIN 500 Sociology of Sport – spring
  • KIN 552 Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport – spring
  • KIN 555 Sport Finance – spring
  • KIN 585 Field Experience/Practicum in Sport Management – summer
  • KIN 588 Sport Marketing & the Media – summer

Capstone Project

Upon completion of at least 21+ credit hours, the graduate student must complete a Capstone Project in Sport Administration.

Purposes of Capstone Project:

  • Documentation of professional development and scholarly achievement in sport administration
  • Requires student to consider professional career goals in sport management and to clearly document evidence of professional growth
  • Provides student, as well as faculty and potential employer(s), with a unique tool for assessing what the student has gained through the MA in Kinesiology with coursework focusing on sport administration.

Prerequisites include:

  • Completion of 21+ hours of coursework in sport management
  • Documentation of a minimum of 150 practicum/internship hours in the sports industry

Specifications and Requirements for the Capstone Project:

  • Professional Résumé/Vita, Summary of Qualifications, and References
  • Overview of Practicum/Internship Experiences in Sport Management
  • Scholarly Endeavors
    • Class Term Papers
    • Literature Reviews
    • Research Projects
    • Book Reviews
    • Scholarly Articles Reviews
    • Individual/Small-group PowerPoint Presentations

Submission Guidelines for Capstone Project:

  • Three (3) copies of Capstone Project in 3 ring binder
  • Submission Deadline
    • November 15th (December graduation)
    • March 15th (May graduation)
    • July 15th (August graduation)