The mission of the Department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Technology Studies is to prepare ethical and reflective practitioners, researchers, and scholars for work in K-12, higher education, and other educational settings. Through teaching and outreach the Department strives to promote the values, knowledge, and skills needed to improve education in the state and across the region; and through the scholarly activities of its faculty and students, contribute to national research. Leadership, in all areas, requires an understanding of curricular, instructional, supervisory, and administrative processes–as well as an awareness of the ever-changing social, philosophical, historical, political, cultural, legal, moral, and economic contexts of education. Programs offered through the Department meet this challenge by focusing on knowledge construction, learning, and pedagogy, and the development of professional practice that respects diversity, honors difference, and promotes social justice. The Department also maintains an on-going, open dialogue about school improvement through its association with various federal, state, and local educational agencies and professional organizations. The Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Technology Studies is a full member of the University Council for Educational Administration.

Department Head:  Dr. Angela Benson

Main Office:  301 Graves

Educational Leadership Higher Education Administration Instructional Technology Nurse Educator Social and Cultural Studies








Dr. Natalie Adams

Professor, Educational Leadership

feminist postructuralism
girl studies
curriculum theory

Dr. Ammie Akin

Clinical Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

Dr. Becky Atkinson

Associate Professor, Social and Cultural Studies

teacher knowledge

Laura Ballard

Social and Cultural Studies & Instructional Technology Program Support

Dr. Angela Benson

Professor, Instructional Technology


Dr. William Bergeron

Clinical Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

Dr. Nathaniel Bray

Professor, Higher Education

Dr. Arleene Breaux

Clinical Associate Professor, Higher Education

Dr. Yvette Bynum

Clinical Associate Professor, Educational Administration

leadership development in schools

Shannon Cason

Coordinator, Student Recruitment, Nurse Educator Program

Dr. Andre Denham

Associate Professor, Instructional Technology

game-based learning
emerging learning technologies
professional development


Dr. Nirmala Erevelles

Professor, Educational Leadership and Foundations of Education

critical race theory
disabilities studies
post-colonial theory

Ashaunte T. Gaillard, MA

Program Coordinator, Superintendents’ Academy and the Center for the Study of Ethical Development

Dr. Donald L. Gilstrap

Dean, University Libraries
Professor, Higher Education Administration

Dr. James Hardin

Clinical Associate Professor, Instructional Technology

Dr. Karri Holley

Professor, Higher Education Administration

graduate education
organizational change in higher education

Dr. A. C. Johnson

Clinical Assistant Professor, Higher Education

Dr. Bob Johnson

Professor, Educational Leadership

Dr. Steve Katsinas

Professor, Higher Education

Dr. Feiya Luo

Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology

Dr. Claire Major

Professor, Higher Education

Dr. Doug McKnight

Professor, Educational Leadership & Foundations of Education

Dr. Laura McNeill

Clinical Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology
incoming fall 2021

Sheryl McMillan

Program Specialist, Exec EdD

Dr. Brenda Mendiola

Director, Alabama Superintendents’ Academy and Clinical Professor, Educational Administration

leadership development in schools

Dr. Roxanne Mitchell

Professor, Educational Administration

Dr. Steve Mobley

Assistant Professor, Higher Education Administration

collegiate experiences of Black/African American queer students

Dr. Jewoong Moon

Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology

Digital game-based learning
Inclusive and immersive e-learning
Learning analytics and educational data mining

Dr. John Petrovic

Professor, Educational Leadership and Foundations of Education

philosophy of education
liberal political theory
language policy
critical pedagogy

Dr. Margaret Rice

Associate Professor, Computer & Applied Technology

Dr. Jing Ping Sun

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership

Angie Stevens

Program Assistant, ELPTS

Dr. Krystal William

Assistant Professor, Higher Education

education policy
STEM education

Dr. Vivian Wright

Professor, Instructional Technology


Dr. Steven Yates

Affiliate Faculty/Assistant Professor
Assistant Director and Coordinator, School Library Media Certification

Dr. Akeisha Young

Director of Accreditation and Assessment & Clinical Assistant Professor