The primary mission of the Department of Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, and Counseling is to offer quality graduate programs to an interdisciplinary array of students.  The Educational Research program develops researchers for the public sector, private sector, and higher education. The Educational Psychology program provides exemplary graduate training in research, application, and practice related to learning, development, and mental well being of people of all ages.  The Program in Counselor Education offers a quality program of teaching, research, and service for students enrolled for study and, ultimately, for the benefit of the publics they serve.  The School Psychology program provides exemplary graduate training in research, application, and practice related to the learning, development, and mental health of children and youth as well as their families, teachers, educators and other professionals who work with them.

The Department of Educational Studies is committed to cultivating a scholarly community that celebrates values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Guided by these firm commitments, we embrace a holistic perspective of diversity, which includes race; ethnicity and national origin; gender, including gender identity and expressions; sexualities; age, socioeconomic status; disabilities; religion and spirituality; as well as other identities and ideologies. Our department strives to create and actively promote a welcoming and supportive environment where diverse perspectives are encouraged, recognized, and respected.

In response to COVID-19, most admission test scores (GRE/GMAT/MAT MCAT) have been waived for Spring, Summer and Fall 2021.

Department Head:  Dr. Michael Lawson

Counselor Education Educational Psychology/Neuroscience Educational Research School Psychology








ProgramProgram CoordinatorsAdvisorsEmails
Counselor EducationDr. George
Educational Psychology, MA (Hybrid, Class A School Psychometry)Dr. Heather
Educational Psychology, EDS (Hybrid, Class AA School Psychology)Dr. Heather
Educational ResearchDr. Stacey
School PsychologyDr. Michael
Qualitative Research CertificateDr. Stephanie
Quantitative Research CertificateDr. Stefanie


Dr. Rana Al-Khatib-Eloubeidi

Clinical Assistant Professor, Quantitative Research

Dr. Eric Baltrinic

Assistant Professor, Counselor Education

teaching and learning
counselor preparation
Q methodology

Dr. Heather Britnell

Clinical Asst. Professor, School Psychology

Dr. Joy Burnham

Professor, Counselor Education
children’s fears
school counseling
women in academia

Dr. Chunhua Cao

Assistant Professor, Quantitative Methods

Dr. Dominic Combs

Clinical Assistant Professor, Evaluation Research

Dr. Ryan Cook

Assistant Professor, Counselor Education

Dr. Millie Dawson-Hardy

Clinical Assistant Professor, Counselor Education

Dr. Tony Derriso

Clinical Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology

Dr. Heather Fye

Assistant Professor, Counselor Education

wellness, stress, and burnout
school counseling
quantitative research

Dr. Teresa Grenawalt

Assistant Professor, Rehabilitative Counselor Education

Dr. Wenjing Guo

Clinical Assistant Professor, Quantitative Research

Dr. Kelly Guyotte

Associate Professor, Qualitative Research

Dr. Karl Hamner

Clinical Professor, Educational Research

Dr. Hyemin Han

Associate Professor, Educational Neuroscience
Social, Emotional, and EDucational Neuroscience Lab

Darlene Hicks

BCE/BEP Support

Dr. Stacy Hughey-Surman

Clinical Associate Professor, Educational Research
classroom assessment
evaluating collective impact
arts evaluation

Dr. Joni Lakin

Professor, Educational Research
education measurement
STEM education

Dr. Michael Lawson

Department Head and
Associate Professor, Educational Research
student/family engagement
improvement science
mixed methods research

Dr. Joon Ho Lee

Assistant Professor, Educational Research
experimental and intervention research

Dr. Junfei Lu

Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Counseling
mindfulness & resilience
counselor competence development
people with disabilitie

Dr. Emily Lund

Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Counseling

Dr. Wenchao Ma

Assistant Professor, Quantitative Research
cognitive diagnosis modeling
item response theory

Dr. Kaiwen Man

Assistant Professor, Educational Research
educational measurement

Dr. Laura Morett

Assistant Professor, Educational Neuroscience
gesture studies
language learning/processin

Dr. George Mugoya

Associate Professor, Counselor Education
chronic illnesses
psychosocial correlates of health

Dr. June Preast

Assistant Professor, School Psychology
school consultation
intervention responsiveness
multi-tiered systems of support

Danesha Prewitt

ESPRMC Support Staff

Dr. Shena Sanchez

Assistant Professor, Educational Research
educational research
student identity and voice
socio-political contexts of education

Dr. Randall Schumacker

Professor, Educational Research
multiple regression
multivariate statistics
structural equation modeling

Dr. Stephanie Anne Shelton

Associate Professor, Educational Research
focus groups
gender & sexuality
queer & feminist theories

Dr. Laurel Snider

Assistant Professor, School Psychology

Dr. Firat Soylu

Associate Professor, Educational Neuroscience
numerical cognition
STEM learning

Dr. Macarena Suárez Pellicioni

Assistant Professor, Educational Neuroscience
Educational neuroscience
mathematical cognition
cognition and emotion learning
learning, development

Dr. Michael Lee Sulkowski

Associate Professor, School Psychology

Debbie Swift

Program Assistant, ESPRMC

Dr. David Ian Walker

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
moral & character development
interdisciplinary research
military/ex-military populations

Dr. Yurou Wang

Clinical Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology

Dr. Stefanie Wind

Associate Professor, Measurement and Evaluation
rater-mediated assessment
item response theory
nonparametric IRT