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Counseling Lab

The Program in Counselor Education includes usage of the Counselor Education Developmental Counseling Laboratory, a suite of counseling rooms on the third floor of Autherine Lucy Hall, accessible through Room 318. The Counseling Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that features digital recordings of pivotal counseling work samples from program entry through practicum work. Student and university supervisors have access to live supervision through audio and visual, direct and post, supervision methodology, which is archived with the student counseling work samples and sessions. Students’ work is archived and maintained in a digital Student Performance Profile (digital portfolio) from the entry until exit through their program of study. Client services are provided without charge. Clients are identified by case number only and are archived for research purposes, as stated in their informed consent.

The suite consists of an observation/classroom, large classroom/group room, waiting/group room, two individual counseling rooms, supervision/counseling room, and a children’s individual counseling activity room. Each room has at least two active cameras to digitally record both the counselor and the client. Three of the counseling rooms have the use of two-way mirrors. All rooms have monitoring capabilities for digital recording, streaming video, and instant replay. The individual counseling rooms and the counseling/supervision room have the additional capability of bug-in-the-ear, intercom communication, teleprompting, and both audio and video bookmarking. All Counselor Education faculty, who are supervising students, have access to streaming video and archived digital recordings from their office computers through a password protected system.

Students have access to their own digital recordings through a password protected system that restricts them to viewing only their own work. Practicums are scheduled for a minimum of one night per week from 5 PM to 8 PM.. Other scheduling of the rooms is provided on a first-come, first-served basis through the coordination of the Counseling Laboratory Assistants in the laboratory waiting room, 318 Autherine Lucy Hall. The telephone number for the Counseling Laboratory is 205-348-1193.