Picture of Colleen GearyDr. Colleen Geary, assistant professor of kinesiology, received the 2019-2020 Outstanding Commitment to Advising Award from The University of Alabama Academic Advisors Association (UA-AAA) .

The Outstanding Commitment to Advising Award recognizes the importance of academic advising at The University of Alabama by celebrating outstanding academic advisors. The association’s executive board and nomination committee announced her as winner of the award October 13.

In addition to teaching multiple undergraduate classes, including applied biomechanics and professional development, she served as the head exercise science faculty advisor; the undergraduate exercise science program coordinator (revamping the undergraduate curriculum); exercise science internship coordinator; and coordinator of the basic physical education program (the elective academic activity courses) and supervision of GTAs and adjuncts who taught within that program. She also developed and maintained an advising website specifically for undergraduate students within the Department of Kinesiology.  She loves teaching and serving within my department, the College of Education, and The University, and hopes to be able to continue to do so for years to come!

“Dr. Geary has developed, grown, and refined undergraduate advising for exercise science students over the past 9 years, which has been of great service to our department, and to the college, given that exercise science students make up nearly half of the college’s undergraduate enrollment,” stated Dr. Jonathan Wingo, department head and professor of kinesiology.