Who is a Clinical Master Teacher?

Clinical Master Teachers (CMTs) are specially selected elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers in all programs offered by The University of Alabama College of Education (e.g., elementary, secondary, special education, music, and physical education) who serve as mentors to candidates in the College of Education Educator Preparation Program. CMTs are unique because they simultaneously fulfill the roles of college supervisor andcooperating teacher while collaboratively working with other CMTs in their school.

What are the Requirements?

  • Minimum of four years teaching experience
  • Class A certification in the content field, or Reading Specialist certification, or Instructional Leadership certification, OR Class B and the appropriate NBPTS in the content area or have NBPTS
  • Two-semesters of successful intern supervision collaboration with UA supervisor
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team under minimal supervision
  • Recognition as an exemplary teacher
  • Capability to provide constructive critiques of teaching within a positive context
  • Willingness to cooperate and work collaboratively with the Office of Clinical Experiences, the CMT coordinator, and the CMT liaison assigned to the CMT Team

How Does the Team Work?

While an individual CMT has primary responsibility for a single teacher intern, all CMTs on the school-based team observe each other’s teacher interns, critique the teacher interns, and coach each other in how to work with the teacher intern. A college supervisor is not assigned to observe teacher interns assigned to a CMT. Rather, a designated College of Education faculty member works with CMTs to support their efforts with teacher interns.

What are the Benefits?

  • Professionalism: CMTs are considered school-based faculty in the College of Education.
  • Collaboration: CMTs are partners in supervising teacher interns, mentoring a cadre of teacher interns, and assessing teacher intern performance.
  • School Community: CMTs are able to create a Community of Practice as a CMT team in partnership with university faculty.

Please send any questions to Elementary-Dr. Lisa Fowler  (mfowler@ua.edu), or Secondary- Dr. Liza Wilson (ewilson@ua.edu).