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Congratulations on your acceptance into the College of Education and the Graduate School at The University of Alabama.  You are joining a dedicated group of faculty and students. We are committed to providing you with the best learning opportunities available.

In order to help you as you begin your advanced studies we have developed several resources that will provide you with some important information about our college and the portfolio showcase process.

  • First, you will be asked to attend the Advanced Graduate Certification Orientation (AGCO).  During the AGCO session you will hear from several faculty members as they provide you information to successfully navigate the entry into the College and complete your initial (checkpoint #1) showcase portfolio.
  • Next, you will learn about Via and the showcase portfolio requirements.
  • Then, you will learn about the College of Education’s Dispositions. These dispositions are values, attitudes, and beliefs that our faculty, students, staff, and stakeholders deem as important. Throughout the program, you will receive assessments of your development in these areas. These assessments should serve as benchmarks for you as you progress through the program.
  • Finally, you will be provided resources from the AGCO session that will enable you to successfully prepare and submit your showcase portfolio.

The information on this page is specific to the orientation session that is held just before the beginning of each semester. The information in the orientation session will help ensure your successful completion of the initial program entry requirements.

Sign up for a session

Attending the Session

Once you have completed the “Sign up for the Session” you will receive communication providing you with the Zoom link for the webinar and how to attend on campus. This communication will be sent about two weeks before the session.


VIA can be purchased for $139 and purchase information will be shared with you during the session.


Address general questions to Dr. Lisa Matherson at