The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is a comprehensive document that outlines the tactical goals and objectives used to activate the conduct of the College.   The work on the strategic plan was initially conducted by a representative group of faculty and staff and was later given over to COE faculty for consideration and approval.  The future of the College is activated in its present day conditions. What the College does today will shape its future.  In this way, the strategic plan puts the College on a conceptual arch that will help it to attain new heights of accomplishment and progress.  What follows is a brief outline of the plan.


The provision of a first-rate undergraduate experience, committed but not exclusive to teacher preparation, that enables COE graduates to fulfill their intellectual, social, and career objectives, that meets all applicable accreditation standards and that offers the latest and most innovative insights on teaching and learning.

  • Offer undergraduate programs that attract a diverse student population
  • Offer undergraduate programs that attract and develop highly accomplished academic students
  • Support career placement services and alumni relations with COE graduates
  • Ensure financial support for students enrolled in COE undergraduate programs
  • Support academic counseling and advising services


The provision of premier graduate and professional programs in all of the program areas of the College that prepare researchers and educational leaders for work in university settings and in a variety of other education-related contexts.

  • Support student selectivity criteria for admission into the College’s graduate programs
  • Support diversification efforts in the College’s graduate enrollment
  • Support success and retention rates for students enrolled in the COE’s graduate degree programs
  • Support academic advising and course offerings for graduate students
  • Ensure institutional support for graduate students


The advancement of research, scholarship, and artistic productivity in the College.

  • Promote the dissemination and production of scholarly and creative work
  • Maintain and support research center involvement
  • Encourage and reward the pursuit of all external funding sources for research
  • Strengthen the research preparation of graduate students


The enhanced visibility of public engagement in the work of the College, especially as it relates to bringing improvements to schools, families, and communities.

  • Strengthen and support faculty service to the research community
  • Promote public engagement and outreach by faculty and staff
  • Establish partnerships with key local and state constituencies


The development of quality improvements to the workplace and teaching environment of the College in ways that support the mission and values of the COE.

  • Advance the visibility of and response to faculty and staff concerns in the College
  • Promote healthy social interactions between faculty, staff, and students
  • Support a strong technological and physical infrastructure for teaching and learning
  • Encourage the development of innovative approaches to teaching and support services.
  • Diversify the faculty and staff of the College