Picture of Maureen FlintUniversity of Alabama College of Education alumna, Dr. Maureen Flint, was recently awarded the American Educational Research Association Qualitative Research SIG’s Dissertation Award. Dr. Flint’s dissertation, “Methodological Orientations: Exploring College Student Navigations of Race and Place in Higher Education”, explored questions of belongingness and the socio-historical context of race on campus. Through a critical materialist and feminist spatial lens, Dr. Flint wondered with the concept of faithfulness as an active practice of working the tensions between theory, artmaking, and traditional research methods, contributing to on-going dialogues in qualitative inquiry regarding the role of methodology, the pull of technicity, and the ethical practice of research. Pushing methodological boundaries through artful representations, and expanding higher education conversations with her unique theoretical position, her work is a striking example of the ways in which theory, practice, and creativity can thoughtfully coalesce in qualitative research. Dr. Flint graduated in May of 2019 and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Qualitative Research Program at The University of Georgia.