Initial Certification Programs in the College of Education

  • The COE admission to the Teacher Education Program GPA exceeds the nation average 3.24 (AACTE, 2013) with a 3.42 overall GPA.
  • 100% of our interns have passed the Praxis II content test(s) prior to beginning the internship.
  • All secondary education majors complete a major in the College of Arts and Sciences and the secondary major in the College of Education, which includes completion of a minimum of 32 hours in a specific discipline of which 19 hours must be at the 300 or above level.
  • All music education majors have the opportunity to complete dual degrees simultaneously.
  • All majors must complete at least 150 clinical hours before the internship and all elementary education majors complete over 200 clinical hours prior to the internship.
  • The Multiple Abilities Program (MAP) candidates receive four areas of certification in special education and general education.
  • Faculty in physical education use innovative, research-based approaches to clinical supervision.
  • Early childhood special education majors receive certification in P-3 special education and elementary education; elementary education majors earn certification in Pre-school–Grade 6.
  • Music, School Counseling, School Psychology, and Secondary Mathematics have earned national accreditation through their Specialized Professional Association

To enter the Teacher Education Program (TEP), candidates must:

  • Meet GPA Requirements: All education majors must have a minimum 2.75 GPA (overall/UA/teaching field) for admission to the TEP.
  • Meet Alabama State Department of Education testing and additional requirements including criminal history background checks.
  • Alternative Masters candidates must meet all requirements above and Graduate School requirements as well as complete all undergraduate program deficiencies.

To qualify for the internship, candidates must:

  • Meet GPA Requirements (Minimums)
    • A 2.75 GPA (overall/UA) is required on all work attempted in the teaching field and in professional studies coursework with no grade lower than a C- in the teaching field or professional studies coursework.
    • Alternative Masters candidates: A 3.25 GPA (overall) is required on all graduate work completed with no grade lower than a C in any course.
  • Must meet Alabama State Department of Education testing and additional requirements

This includes passing the Praxis II content test(s) in their teaching field(s) and the Principles of Learning and Teaching assessment.

  • Effective Fall 2018: Anyone recommended for certification must receive a passing score on the edTPA performance assessment.

Upon completion of the Teacher Education Program, candidates must:

  • Earn a minimum GPA of 2.75 (degree earned GPA) for Undergraduate programs.
  • Earn a minimum GPA of 3.25 (degree earned GPA) for Alternative Masters programs.