Satisfaction of Employers (Components R4.2 | RA4.1)

Initial Certification

The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) report card displays survey results for Employer’s rating First-Year Teachers.  The data provides the percentage of employers who rate their first-year teachers as teacher leader, effective teacher, emerging teacher, or ineffective teacher.  Employer responses (percentages) of First-Year teachers from The University of Alabama were compared with Alabama Statewide Colleges First-Year teachers.  Group comparison percentages were examined across all 26 of the items.  The following infographic highlights three of the areas where the teacher leader/ effective teacher percentages were higher for The University of Alabama than Alabama statewide colleges. While these were not the only areas The University of Alabama scored well in, the comparison of percent of teachers scoring in the two highest categories from The University of Alabama compared to that of the statewide collective was noteworthy.

Advanced Certification

The EPP has developed a phase-in plan to demonstrate satisfaction of employers (RA4.1) by developing, implementing, and administering and advanced certification employer survey.

During Summer 2023, the EPP will initiate the survey development process and ask for stakeholder feedback before finalizing the survey for piloting. From Fall 2023-Spring 2024, the EPP will pilot the employer survey. It is expected that the EPP will analyze the pilot data and determine if modifications are needed late Spring 2024 or early Summer 2024.

Stakeholder Involvement (Component R5.3)

Initial and Advanced Certification

The EPP values the importance that both internal and external stakeholders play in support of the EPP and in the preparation of educators. The involvement of both internal and external stakeholders strengthens the EPP’s continuous improvement efforts. The EPP’s stakeholders engage in discussions that provide feedback to the EPP. These stakeholders include alumni (e.g., Board of Advisors) and school district practitioners (e.g., Clinical Experiences Advisory Committee). The EPP has provided some highlights of the involvement that our stakeholders have had for our initial certification candidates. Additionally, the EPP has included a description of the key internal and external EPP stakeholders.