edTPA is a nationally recognized performance-based assessment. Teacher candidates will participate in this process during their student teaching internship. The assessment focuses on the teaching and learning cycle of plan, instruct, and assess. Similar to other licensure exams, the edTPA adds prestige to the teaching profession by ensuring the quality of teacher candidates. edTPA portfolios are scored by highly trained educators from around the country on a double-blind platform, to promote unbiased scoring. Starting September 1, 2018, Alabama teacher candidates have been required to obtain a predetermined cut score on the edTPA to be eligible for a teacher certification. The University of Alabama provides multiple support systems to promote candidates’ success on the edTPA. The following infographic displays the success The University of Alabama candidates have experienced with edTPA by highlighting the mean score of The University of Alabama candidates as being higher than that of the state of Alabama mean score and the national edTPA mean score.