The University of Alabama has long been concerned with programs for the preparation of public school personnel. In 1844, only 13 years after the University’s establishment in 1831, a Normal Department was provided for those who wished to prepare for teaching careers. In 1872, the Normal Department become the Normal School. By 1899, the Trustees had replaced the Normal School with the School of Pedagogy and Psychology, which in 1902 became the School of Philosophy and Education. In 1908, the school was reorganized as the Department of Education; one year later further organizational changes resulted in the name being changed to the School of Education.

The present College of Education was established in 1928. Until 1924, the University’s offerings in teacher education were almost entirely limited to undergraduate programs for elementary and secondary teachers. Graduate work in school administration was added in 1924; and all programs, undergraduate and graduate, were greatly expanded during 1927 and 1928. Doctoral programs were authorized in 1951. Currently, the College of Education is divided into six departments.

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